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Dramas 2018

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Full Drama List

100% Wife

24 Hours

A Family Has Children In The First Place
A Fangirl's Romance
A Legend Of A Modern Man Gets Back To Qin Dynasty
About Is Love
Accidentally In Love
Age of Legends
Age of Rebellion
All Out of Love
Always With You
Another Era
Anti-Terrorism Special Forces III
Arsenal Military Academy
Ashes of Love
Autumn Cicadas

Basketball Fever
Battle Through The Heavens
Beauties In The Closet
Bedtime Hero
Best Arrangement
Beyond Light Years
Bing Huo Qi Yuan
Birth of a Hero
Blade Attacking
Bloody Romance
Blowing in the Wind
Born in the 70's
Bureau of Transformer
Buried City To Shut All Lights

Caught In The Heartbeat
Change The World
Chasing Ball
Cinderella Chef
City of Desire
Country Love 10
Cover the Sky

Da Mu Ge
Da Song Bei Wei Department
Daddy Cool
Dao Feng Xia De Ti Shen
Deep in the Realm of Conscience
Delicious Lovers
Demon Catcher Zhong Kui
Descendants of the Dragon
Desperate Ways To Return
Devastating Beauty
Dongshan Fine After Queen Consort the Snow
Double Life

Eagles and Youngster
Eighteen Springs
Embracing Happiness
Excellent Investor
Exclusive Memory
Executive Judge

Fantastic Girlfriend
Fatal X
Fearless Whispers
Fellow Countrymen
Fighting For Love
First Marriage
Flesh and Spirit
Flip in Summer
Flipped In My Youth
Flowers Wither
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate
Flying Tiger
Forty Years We Walked
Frontier Of Love

Give Me a Chick at 18
God of Lost Fantasy
Gossip High
Granting You A Dreamlike Life
Great Pudong
Growing Pain
Guardians of Ancient Magic

Haose Qianjin
Happiness Chocolate
Hard Memory: Prisoner Under Fire
Hello Dear Ancestors
Here to Heart
Hero's Dream
Hi! My Ex
HIStory2: Boundary Crossing
Hope All Is Well With Us
Hou Ma De Chun Tian
How Far The Way Home
Hun Shi Xiao Mo Tou
Hunting Wolf
Hunyin Lixianji

I Cannot Hug You Season 2
I Won't Be Bullied By Girls
If Paris Downcast
If Time Flows Back
I'm a Pet at Dali Temple
Imagine Me Without You
Iron Ladies
Iron Walnut
Irreplaceable Love

Jianghu Night Inn
Jigsaw Puzzle
Judo High
Jun Ren Shi Ming
Justice Bao (Kid's Version)

K9 Coming
Kiss, Love and Taste
KO One Re-call 5

Last Friend
Last One Standing
Le Coup De Foudre
Legend of Fuyao
Legend of the Ancient Sword 2
Legend of Yun Xi
Legend of Zu 2
Legends of Monkey King
LEt's Shake it Season 2
Life on the Line
Like A Flowing River
Long Riyi, It's All Over With You Season 2
Long Time No See
Lose Control
Lost in 1949
Lost in the Kunlun Mountains
Lost Promise
Lou Wai Lou
Love Happening
Love in Hanyuan
Love in the Imperial Palace Season 2
Love Is In The Air
Love of Aurora
Love the Courier
Love Won't Wait
Love's Lies

Mad House
Magic City
Martial Universe
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin 2: Qing Dao Fu
Meet In Youth Love In Foods
Meet Me @ 1006
Meet Myself
Mei Hua Er Xiang
Memories of Love
Mengfei Comes Across
Meteor Garden 2018
Military Cook Inn
Modern Matchmaker
Moonshine and Valentine
Mother's Life
Mother's Love Blossoms
Mr Yan Dong! Don’t Come Over
Mr. Nanny
Mr. Right
Mr. Swimmer
My Assassin Girlfriend
My Bittersweet Taiwan
My Classmate from Far Far Away
My Fairy Girl
My Father, My Soldier
My Idol
My Love From The Ocean
My Naughty Classmates
My Robot Boyfriend
My Stealth Boyfriend
My Story For You
Myth of Sword

New Dragon Gate Inn
New The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 2018
Next Time, Together Forever
Ni Hao Dui Fang Bian You
Niang Qin Jiu Da
Nice To Meet You
Nirvana in Fire 2

Obsessed with Heart
Oh My Emperor
Oh My Emperor Season 2
Old Boy
Old Drift
On the Road
One And Another Him
One Boat One World
Only Kiss Without Love
Only Side By Side With You
Original Sin
Our Glamorous Time
Our Youth

Peace Hotel
Perfect Youth
Please Give Me A Pair of Wings
Pretty Man
Princely Wedding Dress
Pushing Hands

Qing Dynasty Detective 2

Re Xue Yong Shi
Records of the Southern Mist House
Red Rose
River Sunset
Romantic Detectives
Royal Highness Spinoff
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace

S.C.I. Mystery
Secret of the Three Kingdoms
Security Officers
See You Again Wang Li Chuan
Sha Hai Lao Bing ( Ben Teng Nian Dai )
She Is Beautiful
Siege in Fog
Single Ladies Senior
Smile in Spring
Song For Our Love
Spy Hunter
Stealing Seconds
Step Forward Is Happiness
Storm Eclipse
Story of Yanxi Palace
Strike Force
Succession War
Suddenly This Summer
Sui Sui Nian Nian Shi Shi Hong
Summer's Desire 2018
Super Density
Super Father-in-law & Son-in-law
Sweet Combat
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Guy

Tai Xing Chi Zi
Take My Brother Away
Talking Bones
Tang Dynasty Tour
Tears In Heaven
Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Epilogue
Teresa Teng
The Big Bug
The Brave Victory
The Brightest Star In The Sky
The Chronicles of Town Called Jian
The Dark Lord
The Destiny of White Snake
The Drug Hunter
The Eight
The Eternal Love Season 2
The Evolution Of Our Love
The Ex Man
The Flame's Daughter
The Flavorist
The Forgotten Valley
The Glory and the Dream
The Great Adventurer Wesley Bleeding Blue
The Great Adventurer Wesley Fragment Man
The Great Adventurer Wesley Mind Port
The Great Expectations
The Great Expectations Spinoff: Two Dragons Meet
The King of Fashion
The King of Soldier
The Legend of Dugu
The Legend of Jade Sword
The Legend of Kaifeng
The Lost Swordship
The Moon Doesn't Understand My Heart
The Perfect Wedding
The Qiao's Family Compound: Guang Ming Zhi Lu
The Right Time, The Right Person
The Rise of Phoenixes
The Road to Victory
The Story of Souls from Endless Books
The Strongest Men of God
The Stunt
The Taoism Grandmaster
The Trading Floor
The Untold Stories of Tang Dynasty
The Way We Were
The Wolf Dry Disaster
The Years You Were Late
Tie Mian Yu Shi
To Love To Heal
To My 19 Year Old
Tomb of the Sea
Tree in the River
Tu Ji Zai Tu Ji
Twenties Once Again

Under the Power
Untouchable Lovers

Vegetarian Dad, I Love You

Waiting For You In The Future
Wan Neng Library
Warm Happiness
Watch Out Boss
Water Margin (Kids Version)
When We Were Young
With You
Woman In Love
Women in Beijing
Women in Shanghai
Wonderful Life

Xiao Hua Duo Duo Chong Shang Yin
Xiao Mian Ao
Xin Wanjia Denghuo
Xing Fu Zhao Xiang Guan

Yan Shi Fan
Yang Guang Xia De Fa Ting
Yang Mu De Hua Yang Nian Hua
You Lan Hu Zhi Yu Chu Jia Dao
You Lan Hu Zhi Yuchu Jiadao Season 2
Yue Huo Yue Lai Jing

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