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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Drama: The Brave Victory

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The Brave Victory China Drama
Title: The Brave Victory
Chinese Title: 勇者胜 / Yong Zhe Sheng
Broadcast Network: Shandong TV
Broadcast Date: May 31, 2018
Initial Release Date: December 26, 2017
Genre: War and Revolution, Counterinsurgency
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 38
Director: Sun Wen Xue
Production Company: Zhuo Da Ying Shi, Chongqing Broadcasting Group
Production Date: 2016
Region: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

During a time of war, a man joins the Communist party and starts on a road to revolution.

In the year 1946 when the Nationalists and the Communists were engaging each other's forces in Dongbei, bandits have become a serious problem and caused much suffering among ordinary citizens. Yang Fenghuo (Zhou Yiwei) is an anti-Japanese occupation hero who has retired from service. He and Gong Wantang (Yin Zhusheng) are blood brothers and rivals in love, but Gong Wantang is the leader of the bandits. Song Yi (Li Mao) is a military man on a mission to bring down the bandits which leaves Yang Fenghuo with a difficult dilemma as he has to choose between patriotism and loyalty to an old friend.


Fun Facts

  • It first premiered on December 26, 2017 on Nanjing News Variety Channel.
  • Filming took place in Hengdian World Studios.
  • It is Lu Yi's first time playing a mother. She also had a lot of crying scenes and the emotional range required for the role made it very tiring to film.

The Brave Victory Zhou Yi Wei Zhou Yi Wei as Yang Feng Huo
The Brave Victory Zhan Jing Yi Zhan Jing Yi as Li Xue Nan
The Brave Victory Yin Zhu Sheng Yin Zhu Sheng as Gong Wan Tang

Supporting Cast
The Brave Victory China Drama
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The Brave Victory China Drama
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