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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Drama: The Legend of Jade Sword

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The Legend of Jade Sword China Drama
Title: The Legend of Jade Sword
Chinese Title: 莽荒纪 / Mang Huang Ji
Broadcast Date: Coming Soon
Genre: Fantasy, Xianxia, Costume
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 65
Director: Cho Kuen Wong
Region: China
Source: Adapted from a xianxia novel of the same name by I Eat Tomatoes 我吃西红柿

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story is about the main protagonist JiNing’s, journey after meeting the six realms of existence and is reincarnated without drinking the water of Lethe.

After JiNing (Hawick Lau) dies, he goes to the underworld and gets reincarnated as a member of the tribe of Ji.
Here, there are the prideful that pursue the sun…
There is HouYi who aims at the golden crows…
Then, there are those who long to live forever…
Overcoming all challenges with courage and bravery…
The countless that learn to be gods and goddesses…
JiNing also becomes one of them, starting his own journey to be a god…

Fun Facts

  • It is produced by Beijing Joy Eastern Media Co.,Ltd.
  • Filming took place in Xinjiang, Yunnan, Xiang Shan and Hengdian World Studios.
  • The story revolves around the Xia dynasty, the first ever recorded dynasty in Chinese history.
  • Hawick Lau and Wang Ou were accused of having an affair while filming for the drama as Hawick reportedly to Wang Ou's hotel room late at night. The production team revealed that they were simply discussing the script.
  • Hawick Lau is a fan of wuxia novels and loved doing wirework. In the face of heavy action scenes, Hawick Lau would never complain.

The Legend of Jade Sword Hawick Lau Hawick Lau as Ji Ning
The Legend of Jade Sword Angel Wang Ou Angel Wang Ou as Yu Wei / Huo Hong Xian Zi
The Legend of Jade Sword Chen Yi Fei Chen Yi Fei as Ji Yi
The Legend of Jade Sword Zhang Jun Ning Zhang Jun Ning as Dong Qi
The Legend of Jade Sword Niu Jun Feng Niu Jun Feng as Mu Zi Shuo
The Legend of Jade Sword Feng Jun Xi Feng Jun Xi as Bei Shan Bai Wei
The Legend of Jade Sword Li Wei Li Wei as La Ta Dao Ren
The Legend of Jade Sword Zhao Yu Xi Zhao Yu Xi as Jiu Lian and Qiu Ye

The Legend of Jade Sword China Drama
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