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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Web Drama: Wan Neng Library

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Wan Neng Library China Web Drama
Title: Wan Neng Library
Chinese Title: 万能图书馆 / Wan Neng Tu Shu Guan
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: March 13, 2018 (See Viewing Calendar)
Air Time: Tuesday to Friday (one episode every night), VIP users watch four episodes in advance
Genre: Time Travel, Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Yi Xiao Xing, Zhang
Screenwriter: Jiang Kun, Hou Jin Tao
Region: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story takes place inside an old library and revolves around a magical bookmark that allows people to travel back in time through the books. Six young individuals find themselves going on an adventure of a lifetime when they encounter each other in the library.

Fun Facts

  • It is produced by Uni Media.
  • Jiao Shou Yi Xiao Xing loss 35 jin in four months for the sake of the role, earning him the nickname Jiao Shou (thin).

Wan Neng Library Jiao Shou Yi Xiao Xing Jiao Shou Yi Xiao Xing as Ye Xiao Xing
Wan Neng Library Shao Yun Shao Yun as Zhang Yi Lei
Wan Neng Library Liu Wei Liu Wei as Xiong Si Kao
Wan Neng Library Kong Lian Shun Kong Lian Shun as Fan Chun Tian
Wan Neng Library Lin Qian Lu Lin Qian Lu as Tian Tian Tian
Wan Neng Library Wang Jia Hui Wang Jia Hui as Ni Hao Mei

Supporting Cast
  • Yi Jia Huo Guo Dian (一家火锅店) by Jin Cheng Zhi (金承志)
  • Zuo Zai Xiang Kou De Na Dui Nan Nu (坐在巷口的那对男女) by Zi Ran Juan (自然卷)
  • Qing Cheng Shan Xia Bai Su Zhen (青城山下白素贞) by Hao Mei Mei Le Dui (好妹妹乐队)
  • Wo Shi Xian Nu Wo Zui Mei (我是仙女我最美) by Guo Chun (郭纯)
  • Da Wang Jiao Wo Lai Xun Shan (大王叫我来巡山) by Zhao Ying Jun (赵英俊)
  • Zhi Nan Ai Xiu Lian Shou Ce (直男癌修炼手册) by Guo Chun (郭纯)
  • Bu Xiang Shuo Zai Jian (不想说再见) by Jin Cheng Zhi (金承志)
  • Wei Dao (味道) by Xin Xiao Qi (辛晓琪)

Wan Neng Library China Web Drama
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Wan Neng Library China Web Drama
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Wan Neng Library China Web Drama

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