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Monday, 10 September 2018

Web Drama: Pursuit

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Pursuit China Web Drama
Title: Pursuit
Chinese Title: 法网追凶 / Fa Wang Zhui Xiong
Broadcast Website: iQiYi
Broadcast Date: May 30, 2018
Genre: Crime, Mystery
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 36
Director: Yang Ming
Region: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A life-and-death struggle between the cops and the triads.

Ran Jiang, the chief of police of the city of Haizhou, has been in a coma ever since he got shot. Tian Feng (Wang Jinsong) receives a mission to fill in for the position at the last minute. He assumes the role of interim chief to launch a proper inquiry into Ran Jiang's case. However, the cops are at the mercy of the triads who have political clout and control over the economic situation of Haizhou. As the team lead, Zhao Mengnan (Ma Jing) braves the intimidation tactics against her even as she is framed and wrongly accused. Behind the scenes, Du Dahao (Wang Ziquan) is a cop who has never put on a uniform.

Fun Facts

  • It was in production for three years. The script took two years and the title underwent three name changes before it was finalized.
  • It reached 5 million views within 24 hours of release.

Pursuit  Ma Jing Ma Jing as Zhao Meng Nan
Pursuit  Wang Jin Song Wang Jin Song as Tian Feng
Pursuit  Wang Zi Quan Wang Zi Quan as Du Da Hao
Pursuit  Wang Xiao Wang Xiao as Ma Shuang
Pursuit  Chen Hao Wen Chen Hao Wen as Hu Ke Jian
Pursuit  Wei Zhong Kai Wei Zhong Kai as Wan Yi
Pursuit  Li Chun Er Li Chun Er as Lan Qiao

Supporting Cast
  • Li Bo Yi as Chai Shao Kang
  • Hou Tian Lai as Chai Lin
  • Long Mu Chun as Shen Fang
  • Wang Yi Meng as Zhang Fei
  • Wang Yi Qin as Qiu Lao Liu
  • Cai Yu Jie as Su Meng Mei
  • Yin Hao Ze as Tian Gang
  • Na Ren Tuo Ya as Ran Meng
  • Lin Ao Xue as Du Xiao Pei
  • Li Yi Chen as Hu Die
  • Ye Dao as Kong Long
  • Guan Da as Jin Ye
  • Yao Xiao Yi as Zhang Jing Lun

  • Xin Zhong De Shang (心中的伤) by Xu He Bin (许鹤缤)
  • Yi Hou De Yi Hou (以后的以后) by Zhuang Xin Yan (庄心妍)
  • Sheng Bu Ru Si (生不如死) by Zeng Chun Nian (曾春年)

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