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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Drama: Rock Soulmate

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Rock Soulmate Taiwan Drama
Title: Rock Soulmate
Chinese Title: 摇滚毕业生 / Yao Gun Bi Ye Sheng
Broadcast Network: CTS
Broadcast Date: July 30, 2018
Genre: Idol
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 17
Director: Cai Min, Zhang Fengshuo
Region: Taiwan

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about an aspiring rocker who encounters repeated obstacles in his musical journey. He exchanges souls with a young woman due to an accident. Coming from a place where they hate each other, the two slowly grow to like each other as they figure out how to switch back.

Fun Facts

  • It stars members of the Taiwan boyband SpeXial.

Rock Soulmate  Wayne Huang Wayne Huang as Chi Zhongxu
Rock Soulmate  Esther Wu Esther Wu as Xia Yi
Rock Soulmate  Kenny Khoo Kenny Khoo as Chen Ming
Rock Soulmate  Daniel Chen Daniel Chen as Hong Dajun
Rock Soulmate  Eunice Lin Eunice Lin as Xia Shun
Rock Soulmate  Hana Lin Hana Lin as Xia Rou
Rock Soulmate  Yang Jinghan Yang Jinghan as A Xiang
Rock Soulmate  Lin Yiting Lin Yiting as Xiao Zhen
Rock Soulmate  Elton Tang Elton Tang as Chi Fu
Rock Soulmate  Cheng Chung-Yin Cheng Chung-Yin as Chi Mu
Rock Soulmate  Chien Chang Chien Chang as Xia Fu
Rock Soulmate  Hsieh Li-Chin Hsieh Li-Chin as Xia Mu
Rock Soulmate  Heaven Hai Heaven Hai as Xian Gu
Rock Soulmate  Tony Sun Tony Sun as Yin Le Lao Shi

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