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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Drama: Never Gone

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Never Gone China Drama
Title: Never Gone
Chinese Title: 原来你还在这里 / Yuan Lai Ni Huan Zai Zhe Li
Broadcast Date: Coming Soon
Genre: Romance, Modern, Idol, School
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 36
Director: Lam Yuk Fan
Screenwriter: Jin Guo Dong
Production Date: September 2017
Region: China
Related: So Young, Movie Adaptation
Source: Adapted from the novel You Are Still Here by Xin Yi Wu 辛夷坞
Watch Episodes On: Viki (eng subs)

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story revolving around young men and women who experience searching for love, losing it and growing from it.

Su Yun Jin (Yang Zi Shan) and Cheng Zheng (Elvis Han) have known each other since high school. Cheng Zheng is attracted to Su Yun Jin, but he doesn't know how to express it well and often renders Yun Jin unsure about whether to laugh or cry. Although Yun Jin starts to develop feelings for Cheng Zheng, she knows that their personalities and family background are vastly different, so she purposely avoids Cheng Zheng's advancements.

After getting into college, Cheng Zheng transfers into the same school as Yun Jin and continues to pursue her. They finally get together but the pressures from life after graduation cause a strain in their relationship. Yun Jin throws herself into work while Cheng Zheng is frustrated about her lack of time for him. Misunderstandings pile up and the two fall further apart until Su Yun Jin breaks up with Cheng Zheng. Will they be able to find each other again?


Fun Facts

  • It is produced by Ruyi Films, Chinese Entertainment Corp. (Tangren) and Jixiang Ying Fang.
  • Filming took place in Shanghai, Guangxi and Shaoxing.
  • Filming lasted more than three months beginning on September 20, 2017 and ending on December 31, 2017.
  • It is Elvis Han and Yang Zi Shan's first time working together. Yang Zi Shan is older than Elvis Han by 6 years. She is born in 1986 while he is born in 1992.
  • After half a year of screening thousands of applicants who were born in the year 2000s, Li Lan Di, Hu Xian Xu, Bian Cheng, Li Geng Xi and Zhuang Da Fei were selected as the younger versions of the main cast.
  • Yang Zi Shan turned red while filming a scene where Elvis Han stole a kiss from her.
  • Producer Karen Tsai said that she cried multiple times while reading the script because the female lead reminded her of the time when she was nineteen and heading to Hong Kong to find work.
  • It is Yang Zi Shan's second time acting in an adaptation based on a novel by Xin Yi Wu as she was the leading lady in the 2012 movie So Young also starring Mark Chao.

Never Gone Yang Zi Shan Yang Zi Shan as Su Yun Jin
Never Gone Li Lan Di Li Lan Di as Su Yun Jin (Young)
Never Gone Elvis Han Dong Jun Elvis Han Dong Jun as Cheng Zheng
Never Gone Hu Xian Xu Hu Xian Xu as Cheng Zheng (Young)
Never Gone Li Cheng Bin Li Cheng Bin as Shen Ju An
Never Gone Su Qing Su Qing as Mo Yu Hua
Never Gone Teresa Li Gengxi Teresa Li Gengxi as Mo Yu Hua (Young)
Never Gone Lyric Lan Ying Ying Lyric Lan Ying Ying as Zhang Yue
Never Gone Tan Jian Ci Tan Jian Ci as Zhou Zi Yi
Never Gone Bian Cheng Bian Cheng
Never Gone Wen Xin Wen Xin
Never Gone Zhuang Da Fei Zhuang Da Fei as Meng Xue (Young)

Supporting Cast
Never Gone China Drama
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Never Gone China Drama
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