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Monday, 7 May 2018

Drama: Yanxi Strategy

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Yanxi Strategy / Story of Yanxi Palace China Drama
Title: Yanxi Strategy / Story of Yanxi Palace
Chinese Title: 延禧攻略 / Yan Xi Gong Lue
Broadcast Website: iQiYi, Tencent, Mango TV
Broadcast Date: 2018
Genre: Costume, Court
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Hui Jie Dong, Wen De Guang
Screenwriter: Zhou Mo
Production Company: Huanyu Film
Region: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story revolving around a palace maid with a plucky attitude, street smarts and a good heart as she maneuvers the dangers in the palace to become a concubine of Emperor Qianlong.

During the 6th year of the Qianlong's reign, Wei Yingluo (Wu Jin Yan) finds her way to the Forbidden City as a palace maid to investigate the truth behind her older sister's death. She vows to exact justice after learning that Hong Zhou (Hong Yao) is connected to the case. The kind and gentle Empress Xiaoxianchun (Qin Lan) worries that Wei Yingluo would tread on a path of no return, so she does everything in her power to help Yingluo and to be her pillar of support. Under the Empress' guidance, Yingluo becomes a female official and starts to let go of her hatred. However, the Empress dies an untimely death. Misunderstandings arise between Yingluo and Emperor Qianlong yet they eventually learn to see eye to eye and to find comfort in each other inside the palace that is full of intrigue and conspiracy.


Fun Facts

  • It is produced by Yu Zheng.
  • Filming took place in Hengdian World Studios and Shanghai.
  • It is Wu Jin Yan's second time playing the female lead.
  • It is Xu Kai's first time in a Qing Dynasty drama and his first time playing a role that undergoes huge changes since it follows his character from a young age until he becomes a middle-aged man. Aside from shaving his head for the role, Xu Kai also came to set early to discuss the script with the production team.
  • It is Tan Zhuo's drama debut.
  • Jiang Zi Xin also did her homework for the role to study proper decorum and history before entering the set.
  • Due to the timing of filming, netizens pointed out the similarities between the drama and the highly-anticipated Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace
  • Although many of the cast members were fresh faces in the industry, the drama garnered interest for bringing together seasoned actors like Charmaine Sheh, Qin Lan and Nie Yuan.
  • Charmaine Sheh who made a name for herself in TVB dramas returns to costume dramas after five years though she joins the cast in a supporting role.

Yanxi Strategy Qin Lan Qin Lan as Empress Fu Cha Rong Yin / Fu Cha
Yanxi Strategy Nie Yuan Nie Yuan as Long
Yanxi Strategy Wu Jin Yan Wu Jin Yan as Wei Ying Luo / Ling Fei
Yanxi Strategy Charmaine Sheh Charmaine Sheh as Xian Fei
Yanxi Strategy Xu Kai Xu Kai as Fu Heng
Yanxi Strategy Tan Zhuo Tan Zhuo as Gao Ning Xin / Gui Fei
Yanxi Strategy Wang Yuan Ke Wang Yuan Ke as Su Jing Hao / Chun Fei
Yanxi Strategy Su Qing Su Qing as Er Qing / Fu Heng Fu Ren
Yanxi Strategy Zhang Jia Ni Zhang Jia Ni as He Zhuo Chen Bi / Rong Fei
Yanxi Strategy Hong Yao Hong Yao as Hong Zhou

Supporting Cast
Yanxi Strategy / Story of Yanxi Palace China Drama
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