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Dramas 2021

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Full Drama List


A Ba Yi Jia Ren
A Camellia Romance
A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College
A Girl Like Me
A Land So Rich in Beauty 
A Love for Dilemma
A Love of No Words
A River Runs Through It
A Thousand Miles of Mansions
Adventure During Youth
Always Have Always Will
Amazing Sisters
Ancient Love Poetry
Ark Peace
Armed Reaction 2021

Be My Cat
Be Together
Be Yourself
Beauty from Heart
Breath of Destiny
Bright as the Moon
Brilliant Girls
Brotherhood in the War
By Stealth Like You

Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley
Cat and Dog
Celestial Authority Academy
Chivalrous Hero Lu Xiao Yu 
Country Love 13
Couple of Mirrors
Court Lady
Crime Crackdown
Cross Mountains and Seas
Crossroad Bistro
Cry Me A River of Stars
Cute Programmer

Danger Zone
Dear Diary
Dear Parents
Decisive Victory
Definitely Not Today
Delicious Romance
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils
Dongsi Pailou Dong
Don't Disturb My Study
Don't Leave After School
Don't Mess with Girls
Don't Panic Astronauts!
Double Tap
Douluo Continent
Dream of Chang'an
Dreams and Glory

Eat Before Loving
Emperor or General
Er Long Hu Love Story 2021

Faith Makes Great
Fall in Love
Fall in Love with a Scientist
Fall in Love with Him
Falling Into Your Smile
Fighting Youth
First Love Again
Flourish in Time
Fly With You
Forever and Ever

Game Changer
Go Go Squid 2: DT. Appledog's Time
GO Into Your Heart
Going Rural
Good and Evil
Good Every Day
Good Life
Goodbye Beijing
Gourmet in Tang Dynasty
Guardians of the Tomb
Guys with Kids

Hand in Hand
Happiness Is Easy
Heartbeat Love
Hello Debate Opponent 2
Hello Mr. Gu
Hello Procurator
Hello, My Youth
Hengshan Hospital
Here is My Exclusive Indulge
Hey, Your Big Business Is Wonderful
Honey, Don't Run Away 2

I Love You
In Love with Your Dimples

Jun Jiu Ling
Just Take a Nibble

Kids' Lives Matter
Killer and Healer

Lady Tough
Legendary Fighter: Yang's Heroine Children's Edition
Legendary Hotel
Litter to Glitter
Little Lord, Don't Make Trouble
Liu Laogen 4
Liu Yong Pursues the Case
Live Your Life
Lost Promise
Love at Night
Love Crossed
Love in Shanghai
Love Is Beautiful
Love is True
Love Like White Jade
Love O'Clock
Love Scenery
Love Under the Full Moon
Love Unexpected
Lover or Stranger

Maid Escort
Make A Wish
Make My Heart Smile
Married First, Then Fall In Love
Marvelous Woman
Master, Wait a Moment
Medal of the Republic
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence
Meet You
Minning Town
Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard
Miss the Dragon
Modern City
Mom's Waiting for You
Monsters in the Forbidden City: Secret of the Gem
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Salted Fish Miss Rose
Murder Diary
My Bargain Queen
My Dear Brothers
My Dear Guardian
My Deskmate
My Fated Boy
My First Love Is Secret Love
My Heroic Husband
My Little Happiness
My Queen
My Treasure
My World is All About You
Mysterious Love
Mystery of Antiques 3

Nanxiang School
Never Say Goodbye
New Generation
New Horizon
New Madam White Snake
Ni Chang
Nice to Meet You
No Boundary Season 1
No Boundary Season 2
No Foul Game
Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

Octogenarian and The 90s
On the Way to Hope
Once Given Never Forgotten
Once We Get Married
One and Only
One Boat One World
Ossan's Love
Our Secret
Our Times
Out of the Dream

Palace: Devious Women
Pandora's Box
People's Property
Piggy's Counterattack
Ping Pong
Pioneers of the Era
Please Be Married
Please Classmate
Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling
Plot Love
Proof of Silence

Qing Luo

Rainless Love in a Godless Land
Really Meet Love That Day
Rebirth for You
Red Flag Canal
Refinement of Faith
Remember Me
Remember My Boy
Remembrance of Things Past
Reset in July
Road to Rebirth
Ru Meng Ling

See You Again (September 21, 2021)
See You Again (October 29, 2021)
Shadow of Justice
Shan He Wu Yang
She Is The One
Shining Like You
Shuke and Peach Blossom
Small Happiness
Snow Lover
Song of Youth
Star of Ocean
Stealth Walker
Stop! Miss Hua
Storm Eye
Stray Birds
Study Together 
Summer Again
Sunshine of My Life
Sweet Life
Sweet Sweet
Sweet Teeth

Take Two
Tears In Heaven
Tears on Fire
The Age of Awakening
The Answer to Love
The Arc of Life
The Best Friend
The Blessed Girl
The Bond
The Boy Named Shou Wang
The Coolest World
The Cradle
The Dance of the Storm
The Day of Becoming You
The Detective
The Dragnet
The Eternal Love 3
The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang
The Fiery Years of Gao Da Xia
The Flames of Kangda
The Flaming Heart
The Forgotten Day 
The Fox Fairy
The Glory of Youth 
The Good Times
The Hand
The Ideal City 
The Imperial Coroner
The Intimate Gamer
The Justice
The Last Goodbye to Mama
The Lie Detective
The Long Ballad
The Lost Tomb: Explore with the Note 2
The Master of Cheongsam
The Memory About You
The Most Beautiful You in the World
The Other Half of You and Me
The Palace of Devotion
The Pavilion
The Player
The Priceless
The Queen of Attack
The Queen of Attack 2
The Rational Life
The Rebel
The Rebel Princess
The Runner
The Secret of Love
The Sword and the Brocade
The Treasure Guardians
The Trick of Life and Love
The Twelfth Second
The Unknown: Legend of Exorcist Zhong Kui
The Wolf Princess
The World of Fantasy
This Boy Band is Too Hard to Manage
Those Days
Time Flies and You Are Here
Timeless Love
To Be With You
Top Secret Mission
Trial Marriage
Truth or Dare
Twelve Legends
Twin Sisters
Two Souls in One

Ugly Beauty
Unforgettable Love
Unrequited Love
Unusual Idol Love
Use for My Talent

Vacation of Love
Voice of Love

Walking With You in This World 
We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd
We Best Love: No. 1 For You
Weaving a Tale of Love
Whirlwind Magician
Word of Honor
Wudang Sword

Xiang Jing Yu

You Are My Glory
You Are My Hero
Young and Beautiful
Your Sensibility My Destiny 
Youth Entrepreneurship Manual
Youth Melody 
Youth No Season
Youth Should Be Early
Yue Yun Hui Sheng

Zhong Liu Ji Shui

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