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Sunday, 7 November 2021

Drama: Red Flag Canal

Red Flag Canal China Drama
Title: Red Flag Canal
Chinese Title: 红旗渠 / Hong Qi Qu
Broadcast Network: CCTV-1
Broadcast Website: Tencent, iQIYI, CCTV, Youku, MGTV
Broadcast Date: October 17, 2021
Genre: Rural
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 31
Director: Kang Ning
Screenwriter: Guo Yaping, Fan Shengzhen
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It follows the people of Lin County as they build the Red Flag Canal to remedy the water shortage problem that has plagued them for generations.

In the summer and autumn season of 1959, Lin County suffered from a severe drought. Rivers, ponds and reservoirs dried up, crops withered leaving the people and livestock with no source of food and water. Under the leadership of the party secretary Yang Gui, a group of Linxian committee members are determined to get out of their long-time predicament. Thus, the project to build the Red Flag Canal was born.

Fun Facts

  • The boot ceremony was held at Hongqiqu Memorial Hall in Linzhou, Henan province on September 19, 2020.
  • Filming wrapped on December 24, 2020 after three months.

Red Flag Canal Yu Zhen Yu Zhen as Lin Jie
Red Flag Canal An Yuexi An Yuexi as Shi Shuilian
Red Flag Canal Zeng Li Zeng Li as Feng Xiaoyi
Red Flag Canal Xu Guangyu Xu Guangyu as Yu Fu Shu Ji
Red Flag Canal Jing Le Jing Le as Shi Shuisheng
Red Flag Canal Ma Dongyan Ma Dongyan as Sun Shihou

Supporting Cast
  • Xu Zhinuo as Wu Nianzu
  • Li Qinqin as Shui Shengniang
  • Kou Zhenhai as Jiao Fu Bu Chang
  • Rex Yu Siyuan as Gu Xiufang
  • Du Yuegang as Gu Fengshan
  • Mify Xu Shendong as Sang Hong
  • Chen Che as Shi Shuiwang
  • Zhang Shengyue as Tong Kun
  • Tao Zui as Gu Dahai
  • Guo Xiaoming as Li Mingyang
  • Huang Wei as Luo Changjin
  • Fang Yan as Gu Panshui
  • Li Peixin as Qiao Dajie
  • Yang Saida as Xiao Zhou
  • Qin Siyu as Xiao Qin
  • Kong Defeng as Lao Xu
  • An Yaping as Fang Shuji
  • Mao Yixin as He Wa
  • Zhao Meishu as Dou Ni
  • Li Yuemin as Gao Shuji
  • Jia Pengfei as Huang You
  • Kang Aishi as Shi Laohan
  • Huo Weimin as Sang Laohan
  • Wu Hongji as Sang Qing
  • Chen Hailiang as Li Dage
  • Zhong Xiaodan as Niu Erjie
  • Wang Jianguo as Huang Dashu
  • Bai Lan as Du Juchang
  • Guan Jingwen as Lin Zhe

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