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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Drama: Ran Qing Da Di

Ran Qing Da Di China Drama
Title: Ran Qing Da Di
Chinese Title: 燃情大地 / Ran Qing Da Di
Broadcast Date: 2016
Genre: Revolution
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 43
Director: Ding Xiaoxiong
Screenwriter: Ding Xiaoxiong, Liu Xiaowei
Production Company: Orange Power
Production Date: 2016
Producer: Jia Liwei, Zhang Hai
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

After the 918 incident took place in Mukden, the peaceful life of a bladesmith is disrupted by the onset of war and it transforms him into that of a righteous cop and a patriot.

Ma Zhongqiu (Zhang Luyi) is an ordinary man from a grassroots background. Fate has tested him many times and he had several brushes with death. Nevertheless, Ma Zhongqiu is determined to do everything he can to be reunited with his family. His dedication towards his family gradually grows into that of love for country. In the process, he falls into a romance with a female dancer named Nan Yan (Kiton Jiang) and they join hands to fight a war for the sake of their countrymen.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Shanghai and Jiaxing.
  • While filming, Zhang Luyi, Meng Zhaozhong and Deng Lun play basketball together during their free time.

Ran Qing Da Di Edward Zhang Luyi Edward Zhang Luyi as Ma Zhongqiu
Ran Qing Da Di Kiton Jiang Kaitong Kiton Jiang Kaitong as Nan Yan
Ran Qing Da Di Meng Shaochong Meng Shaochong as Ma Guyu
Ran Qing Da Di Jeremy Jones Xu Jeremy Jones Xu as Duan Tie
Ran Qing Da Di Guo Xiaofeng Guo Xiaofeng as Gao Qiaonan
Ran Qing Da Di Shen Danping Shen Danping as Wang Lanying
Ran Qing Da Di Wang Yanan Wang Yanan
Ran Qing Da Di Allen Deng Lun Allen Deng Lun as Ma Chuxi
Ran Qing Da Di Zhang Ranyi Zhang Ranyi as Duan Rou

Supporting Cast
Ran Qing Da Di China Drama
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