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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Drama: A Little Dilemma

A Little Dilemma China Drama
Title: A Little Dilemma
Chinese Title: 小舍得 / Xiao She De
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Family, Modern
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 45
Director: Zhang Xiaobo
Screenwriter: Zhou Yifei
Production Company: Linmon Pictures
Executive Producer: Xu Xiao'ou
Producer: Xia Jie
Origin: China
Related: A Love for Separation, A Little Reunion
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Lu Yingong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The third installment of the 'Little' franchise continues to delve into the issues of education and parent-child relationships through the lenses of ordinary Chinese families. As the kids move up from elementary school to junior high, the family unit evolves in the journey.

Nan Li (Song Jia) is anxious about her daughter Huanhuan's poor performance at school. Having realized the importance of tutoring, Nan Li gets the entire family onboard to focus on Huanhuan's education yet in the face of many problems, Nan Li and Xia Junshan (Tong Dawei) begin to understand the importance of providing a happy childhood for their daughter.

Nan Li's classmate and colleague Tian Yulan (Jiang Xin) is pregnant with her second child. However, Tian Yulan and her husband Yan Peng's (Li Jiayang) relationship has soured due to Tian Yulan's distrust. Tian Yulan is fully devoted to her son Yan Ziyou. Yan Ziyou is an exemplary student in the eyes of many parents, but the pressures from his own mother tends to affect his competitions.

Zhang Xue'er is Huanhuan and Yan Ziyou's headteacher. After seeing the diligence of Mi Tao, a young kid from a farming village, Zhagn Xue'er voluntarily provided Mi Tao with additional tutoring.  Alas, she gets reported to the school authorities and leaves the school feeling discouraged.

Fun Facts

  • It is the sister production of A Love for Sepration and A Little Reunion.  
  • Filming began on May 25, 2020 in Shanghai.

A Little Dilemma Song Jia Song Jia as Nan Li
A Little Dilemma Tong Dawei Tong Dawei as Xia Junshan
A Little Dilemma Jiang Xin Jiang Xin as Tian Yulan
A Little Dilemma Li Jiahang Li Jiahang as Yan Peng
A Little Dilemma Zhang Guoli Zhang Guoli as Nan Jianlong

A Little Dilemma China Drama
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Behind The Scenes
A Little Dilemma China Drama
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