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Thursday, 17 September 2020

Drama: Out of the Dream

Out of the Dream China Drama
Title: Out of the Dream
Chinese Title: 梦见狮子/ Meng Jian Shi Zi
Broadcast Date: TBA
Language: Mandarin
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Xiao Hu Ru Wei

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the love story between a Peking opera performer and a stage play producer as they help each other out and find love.

Peking opera performer Yu Fei (Chen Yusi)) was kicked out by her teacher due to a mistake. Producer Bai Feili (Yao Chi) is looking to cast an actress with a background in Peking opera. As their paths cross, Yu Fei's powerful voice illuminates the stage. However, they lose contact due to an unfortunate death.

When they meet again, Yu Fei is in the midst of prepararing for drama school as Bai Feili faces an unprcedented crisis. Yu Fei begins working part time for Bai Feili while he helps with her reviews for her the entrance exam. With grandma and grandpa giving things a little push, the two eventually become a couple, yet another problem arises. Can they work out their issues?

Ending Spoilers

Out of the Dream Yao Chi Yao Chi as Bai Feili
Out of the Dream Chen Yusi Chen Yusi as Yu Fei
Out of the Dream Fu Jing Fu Jing as Guan Jiu
Out of the Dream Xie Xingyang Xie Xingyang as Dao Ge
Out of the Dream Christopher Wu Yuheng Christopher Wu Yuheng as Hao Shi
Out of the Dream Sun Zhenni Sun Zhenni as Ling Jiu

Out of the Dream China Drama
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Behind The Scenes
Out of the Dream China Drama
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