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Dramas 2020

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Full Drama List

A Hawthorn Tree Far Away
A Love So Romantic
A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower
Agreed Not to Cry
Airport Strikers
Ancient Detective
And The Winner Is Love
Antique Bureau Midgame
As Long As You Love Me
Autumn Cicada

Bai Li Tiao Yi 
Basket Loveball
Be With You
Beautiful Reborn Flower
Beautiful Time With You
Begin Again
Bian Di Shu Xiang
Black Lighthouse
Blossom in Heart
Blues Strike
Breaking Point 1950
Bright Sword 3: The Lightning General
Brutally Young

Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns
Closer to You
Cloud Prison Season 1
Cloud Prison Season 2
Count Your Lucky Stars
Country Love 12
Court Battle
Crazy Cuisine Battles
Crimson River
Cross Fire
Customer First

Dance of the Phoenix
Dance of the Sky Empire
Danger of Her
Dating in the Kitchen
Dear Designer
Dear Herbal Lord
Dear Mayang Street
Dear Missy
Dear Renew
Dear Uniform
Dearest, Where Are You
Detective Chinatown
Dim Light in the Shadow
Don't Think Twice, Love's All Right
Dr. Cutie
Dream Detective

Eternal Love of Dream
Eternal Love Rain
Ever Night 2
Everyone Wants To Meet You

Face to Sea
Fairyland Lovers
Fake Princess
Falling in Love with Cats
Fearless Whispers
Fen Jin De Xuan Lu
Find Yourself
First Romance
Flying Mode of Love
For Married Doctress
Forensic Heroes 4
Forever Love
Forget You, Remember Love
Forward Forever

General's Lady
Get Married or Not
Go Ahead
God of Lost Fantasy
Good Wife
Goodbye, My Love
Great Age
Great God Monkey
Great Trade Route
Guardians of the Ancient Oath
Guitar Brothers

Half a Lifelong Romance
Half for the People, Half for Beauties
Handsome Siblings
Happiness in Spring
Happy Hunter
Healer of Children
Hear Her
Her Smile So Sweet
Heroes in Harm's Way
Heroes of the North
Heroic Journey of Ne Zha
High School Big Bang
Hikaru No Go
Honey, Don't Run Away
Hotel Trainees

I Don't Want to be Friends with You
I Will Find You a Better Home
If There Is No Tomorrow
If Time Flows Back
Imperfect Love
In A Class Of Her Own
Insect Detective
Inside Man
Intense Love
Invisible Life
iPartment 5
Irreplaceable Love
I've Fallen For You

Jiu Liu Overlord

Kidnapping Game
Knock on the Happiness Door
Kungfu Cop

Legend of Awakening
Legend of Fei
Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos
Life After Death
Life Under My Skin
Like a Flowing River 2
Line Walker: Bull Fight
Little Doctor
Liu Laogen 3
Living Toward the Sun
Look Up There's Starlight
Love & the Emperor
Love a Lifetime
Love and Redemption
Love Designer
Love in Between
Love in Time
Love is All
Love is Sweet
Love of Thousand Years
Love Script
Love Story of Court Enemies
Love the Chef Next Door
Love Yourself
Lovely Us
Lucid Water Lush Mountain

Maiden Holmes
Maple Leaf Red
Marry Me
Meeting You 
Mermaid Prince
Midsummer is Full of Love
Minor March
Miss Gu Who Is Silent
Miss S
Miss Truth
Missing Persons
Mr. Fox and Miss Rose
Mr. Honesty
My Best Friend's Story
My Dear Destiny 
My Dear Lady
My Fantastic Mrs. Right
My Girl
My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain 
My Lonely Planet
My Love Rival is Myself
My Love, Enlighten Me
My Roommate Is A Detective
My Sassy Deskmate
My Strange Friend
My Supernatural Power
My Unicorn Girl

Never Compromise
New Face
New World
Nothing But Thirty
Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2

Oh My Drama Lover
Oh! My Sweet Liar!
Oops! The King is in Love
Ordinary Glory
Our Inverse Youth 

Parallel Lost
Parallel Love
Perfect and Casual
Perfect Partner
Poisoned Love
Princess at Large Season 2
Princess at Large Season 3
Professional and Single
Psych Hunter
Psychic Princess Season 2

Qin Dynasty Epic
Qingqing Zijin

Realize Our Dreams
Rebirth of Shopping Addict
Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 1
Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 2
Road of Loyalty
Roving Inspection Team
Royal Nirvana Epilogue
Run for Young

Sai Shang Feng Yun Ji
Serenade of Peaceful Joy
Sheng Suan
Shi Cha Hai
Skate Into Love
Something Just Like This
Sparkle Love
Special Case Hunt
Still Not Enough
Storm Eye
Strike Back
Su Yu
Sunshine Police
Sweet Boyfriend
Sweet First Love
Swing to the Sky
Switch of Fate
Symphony's Romance

Target Person
The Bad Kids
The Best of Times
The Best of You in My Mind
The Blooms at Ruyi Pavillion
The Burning River
The Case Solver
The Centimeter of Love
The Chang'An Youth
The Confidence
The Day I Skipped School For You Season 2
The Day I Skipped School For You Season 3
The Deer and the Cauldron 2020
The Eight
The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter
The Ghost Bride
The Girls
The Glory of Youth 
The Great Ruler
The Gutter
The Heiress
The Human Fireworks Chef
The Impossible 3
The Investigator 
The Journey Across the Night
The Legend of Jinyan
The Legend of Xiao Chuo
The Legend of Young Justice Bao
The Little Nyonya
The Long Night 
The Love Equations
The Love Lasts Two Minds
The Message
The Moon Brightens for You
The National SouthWest Associated University And Us
The Night of the Comet 2
The Origin of Love
The Penalty Zone
The Promise of Chang'An
The Romance of Tiger and Rose
The Silent Criminal
The Sleepless Princess
The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty
The Song of Glory
The Stage
The Sweet Girl
The Track Action
The Truth
The Twin Flower Legend
The Victims' Game
The Way Love Begins
The Wolf
The Wood
This is Youth!
Tientsin Mystic 2
To Dear Myself
To Love
True Colours
Twenty Again
Twenty Your Life On
Twisted Fate of Love

Ultimate Note
Unbending Will
Under the Sun
Unique Lady 2
Upon the Mountain

Wait in Beijing
Wan Jie Xian Zong
Way Back Into Love
We Are All Alone
Well-Intended Love 2
What If You're My Boss?
When You're in Love
White War
Winter Begonia
With You
Wu Hai
Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 3

Xiongtai Qingliubu

Yi Ge Dou Bu Neng Shao
You Are My Destiny
You Are So Sweet
You Complete Me
Youth Unprescribed

Zhan Huo Rong Lu

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