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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Drama: Switch of Fate

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Switch of Fate China Drama
Title: Switch of Fate
Chinese Title: 忍冬艳蔷薇 / Ren Dong Yan Qiang Wei
Broadcast Date: June 30, 2016
Genre: Idol
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 45
Region: China
Watch Episodes On: Viki (eng subs)

Love Meter

Switch of Fate Zhao Han Ying Zi Zhao Han Ying Zi as Ren Dong
Switch of Fate 

Benny Qian Yong Chen Benny Qian Yong Chen as Han Chong
Switch of Fate Liu Yu Xin Liu Yu Xin as Gu Qiang Wei
Switch of Fate Zhang Zhuo Wen Zhang Zhuo Wen as Chen Zheng Ding
Switch of Fate Zong Feng Yan Zong Feng Yan as Fang Cheng
Switch of Fate Liang You Lin Liang You Lin
Switch of Fate Yao Zhuo Jun Yao Zhuo Jun as Fu Gui
Switch of Fate Sherman Ye Xiangming Sherman Ye Xiangming as Wang Jia Ping
Switch of Fate Liu Xi Ming Liu Xi Ming as Gu Feng
Switch of Fate Xie Wen Xuan Xie Wen Xuan as Chen Jia Yan

Supporting Cast
  • Bu Hao Bu Huai (不好不坏) by Lou Qin (楼沁)
  • Leng Qiang Wei (冷蔷薇) by Yan Pu (严璞)
  • Wu Sheng De Chen Mo (无声的沉默) by Lou Qin (楼沁)
  • Yi Yao Tong Yao (医药童谣) by Lou Qin (楼沁)
  • Su Ming (宿命) by Hu Sha Sha (胡莎莎)
  • Mo Sheng Ren (陌生人) by Hu Sha Sha (胡莎莎)

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