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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Drama: The Eight

The Eight China Drama
Title: The Eight
Chinese Title: 外八行 / Wai Ba Xing
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Republican
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Yang Shu, Liu Tan
Production Company: iQIYI, YF Pictures
Producer: Chan Kaige
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

An ordinary college student accidentally becomes entangled in the open warfare and veiled strife of a complicated world.

The Eight revolves around martial arts experts of jianghu in the face of a seismic change. As his involvement deepens, Hua Minchu (Oho Ou) takes a step closer to his real identity and becomes a hero of the people.

The Eight Seven Tan Songyun Seven Tan Songyun as Gua Daoren
The Eight Oho Ou Oho Ou as Hua Minchu
The Eight Wang Zixuan Wang Zixuan as Zhong Yao
The Eight Qin Lan Qin Lan as Jin Xiuniang
The Eight Shih Chieh King Shih Chieh King as Ba Xian
The Eight Tan Kai Tan Kai
The Eight Zhang Aoyue Zhang Aoyue
The Eight Cheng Xingyuan Cheng Xingyuan as Qi Ming
The Eight Liu Jianyu Liu Jianyu as Ke Shu
The Eight Gong Wanyi Gong Wanyi as Hua Gu

Supporting Cast
The Eight China Drama
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