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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Drama: The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty China Drama
Title: The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty
Chinese Title: 成化十四年 / Cheng Hua Shi Si Nian
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Costume, Crime, Mystery
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Guo Shuang
Production Company: Zhejiang Guanya Wenhua
Producer: Jackie Chan
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Meng Xi Shi

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set during the 14th year of Chenghua Emperor's reign, Tang Fan, a sixth rank official and Sui Zhou, an embroidered uniform guard, join hands to crush a conspiracy to maintain peace and order for the people.

After working together to solve the case involving the Marquis' son, Tang Fan (Darren Chen) and Sui Zhou (Fu Meng-po) gain widespread fame and form a lasting friendship with each other. Although his reputation precedes him, Tang Fan remains honest and upright in his duty as a public servant and continues to rent a humble home. His landlord is found dead in her quarters presumably from suicide, but clues lead to suspicions of foul play.

After the case is resolved, Tang Fan travels to Henan to investigate the sudden disappearances of people near the tomb site of the late Northern Song Emperor. When the culprit is revealed, it seems that he is but a pawn in a much grander conspiracy. As major cases continue to plague the capital and the local offices, Tang Fan and Sui Zhou work hard to unmask the mastermind who is pulling the strings in the background.

Fun Facts

  • It is Darren Chen's first drama as the leading man and his first historical drama.
  • It is Jackie Chan's first time to produce an online drama.
  • The novel was originally a BL novel. However, the main theme revolves around the crime solving and not the romance. The published version features the bromance between the characters.

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Darren Chen Darren Chen as Tang Fan
The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Fu Meng-Po Fu Meng-Po as Sui Zhou
The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Wang Maolei Wang Maolei as Shang Ming
The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Yoo Seung-jun Yoo Seung-jun
The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Liu Yaoyuan Liu Yaoyuan as Wang Zhi
The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Mao Yi Mao Yi as Pei Huai

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty China Drama
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