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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Web Drama: The Majesty of Wolf

The Majesty of Wolf China Web Drama
Title: The Majesty of Wolf
Chinese Title: 狼殿下 / Lang Dian Xia
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Costume, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 58
Director: Meng Fan
Screenwriter: Chen Yushan
Production Company: New Classics Media, Youhug Media
Production Date: 2017
Producer: Chen Yushan
Origin: China
Related: Prince of Lanling

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story begins when a princess meets a wolf boy. Many years later, the wolf boy has become the ruthless Bo Wang and their love is caught between complicated machinations for power and vengeance.

During the late Tang Dynasty, Liang Wang usurps the throne to proclaim himself as King and establish the late Liang. Ma Zhaixing (Li Qin) is the daughter of the master of Kui Zhou City. She encounters a wild boy (Darren Wang) born from the forest. The boy who is ignorant about worldly affairs is being chased after saving a baby wolf. He falls off a cliff and is rescued by Zhu Wen (Ding Yongdai) who takes him in as a godson and bestows him the title Bo Wang.

Ten years have passed and Bo Wang meets and rescues Zhaixing. He is moved by Zhaixing's intelligence and courage. Zhaixing also realizes that even though Bo Wang have risen from his grassroots upbringing to become a high and mighty lord, he has maintained his innate kindness and sense of justice. Through Zhaixing's influence and support, Bo Wang starts on the path to fight oppression and help the people.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Xiangshan Film and Television Town and Yunnan.
  • Filming lasted five months beginning on April 8, 2017 and ending on September 19, 2017.
  • It is based on an original screenplay by Chen Yushan. The script took two years to complete.
  • It is the second part of the King series that started with Prince of Lanling. Chen Yushan's team joins hands with Youhug for another drama.
  • It combines the concept of a wolf into the Eastern hero.
  • Chen Yushan selected Darren Wang for the role because of how closely he resembled the character. His masculinity, tanned and strong built fit the idea of a wolf boy.
  • Chen Yushan felt that Li Qin had what it takes to portray a woman who could become like a goddess of war.
  • Chen Yushan saw Xiao Zhan on a variety show and thought he was exceptional. She wanted to change him into an actor who is not solely too much reliant on looks.
  • Chen Yushan admits that most people think of mixed ethnicities when envisioning someone from Qidan. The Qidan princess in the story is very lively, spoiled but likeable. Chen Yushan thought that Kuo Shu-yao had the innate qualities to make the character likeable.
  • Xin Zhilei had a very important crying scene for her final scene. To portray the level of grief and devastation, Xin Zhilei cried for a very long time. At the end, her eyes had swollen like peaches.
  • Episode count was changed from 48 to 58 in the records filed with NRTA (formerly SARFT).

The Majesty of Wolf Darren Wang Darren Wang as Zhu Youwen
The Majesty of Wolf Li Qin Li Qin as Ma Zhaixing
The Majesty of Wolf Xin Zhilei Xin Zhilei as Yao Ji
The Majesty of Wolf Xiao Zhan Xiao Zhan as Ji Chong
The Majesty of Wolf Kuo Shu-yao Kuo Shu-yao as Ye Lu Bao Na
The Majesty of Wolf Zang Hongna Zang Hongna as Ma Jing
The Majesty of Wolf Lin Youwei Lin Youwei as Zhu Yougui
The Majesty of Wolf Ding Yongdai Ding Yongdai as Zhu Wen
The Majesty of Wolf Wang Jiayi Wang Jiayi as Zhu Youzhen
The Majesty of Wolf Ma Dongchen Ma Dongchen as Mo Xiao

Supporting Cast
The Majesty of Wolf China Web Drama
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The Majesty of Wolf China Web Drama

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  1. Viki has added a fan channel and is seeking licensing for "The Majesty of Wolf". Thanks for sharing hope to hear news of premiere soon.