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Friday, 9 August 2019

Drama: Dear Mayang Street

Dear Mayang Street China Drama
Title: Dear Mayang Street
Chinese Title: 亲爱的麻洋街 / Qin Ai De Ma Yang Jie
Broadcast Date: 2020
Genre: Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 35
Director: Huang Kemin, Zhou Jie
Production Company: Radiant Pictures, Youku, Ten Space
Producer: Gao Mingqian
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set during a time of reform in 1980's China is a story about youth and love that revolves around ordinary people on Mayang street and the changes they undergo in the span of 30 years. Ou Xiaojian is a bad boy who dates Ma Xiaoxiao, a school girl in the neighborhood. Yi Dongdong has had a crush on Ma Xiaoxiao from the moment they met.

In 1984, the 18-year-old Yi Dongdong (Niu Junfeng) moves with his family from Hunan back to their hometown in Guangzhou. Yi Dongdong falls in love at first sight for his neighbor Ma Xiaoxiao (Tan Songyun). When he realizes that she is attracted to his friend Ou Xiaojian (Timmy Xu), he can only keep his feelings to himself and protect her from a distance. Ma Xiaoxiao is constantly worried for Ou Xiaojian who spends his time fooling around with other delinquents. Not long after, Ma Xiaoxiao's father becomes gravely ill. Yi Dongdong continues to stay with her while Ou Xiaojian has yet to get his act together. Utterly exhausted due to the problems between them, Ma Xiaoxiao and Ou Xiaojian part ways. After graduating from university, Ma Xiaoxiao becomes a lawyer and starts to take up the burdens of her family. Yi Dongdong passes the local civil service exams. Meanwhile, Ou Xiaojian undergoes many ups and downs.

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • It is said to be the South's answer to the classic movie In the Heat of the Sun which is set in Beijing.

Dear Mayang Street Timmy Xu Weizhou Timmy Xu Weizhou as Ou Xiaojian
Dear Mayang Street Seven Tan Songyun Seven Tan Songyun as Ma Xiaoxiao
Dear Mayang Street Niu Junfeng Niu Junfeng as Yi Dongdong

Dear Mayang Street China Drama
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