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Dramas 2022

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Full Drama List

49 Days with a Merman

A Dream of Splendor
A Lifelong Journey
A Robot in the Orange Orchard
A Romance of the Little Forest
A Year Without a Job
About is Love 2
About Youth
Adhere to Justice
Aim the Heart! Archeress
Almost Famous
Are You Safe?
As We Wish
Assistant of Superstar

Barrack O’Karma 2
Be My Princess
Be Reborn
Be Yourself
Because of Love
Being a Hero
Believe in Love
Beloved Life
Better a Lie Than a Truth
Big White Duel 2
Binary Love
Blue Flame Assault
Born to be Together
Brave Wuju
Brilliant Class S
Brutally Young 2.0

Campus Ace
Candle in the Tomb: Kunlun Tomb
Challenges at Midlife
Chasing the Undercurrent
Cheating Men Must Die
Cheating Men Must Die: Elegant Lady
Childe Xie's Wine
Childhood in a Capsule
City of Streamer
Country Love 14
Cupid's Kitchen

Day Breaker
Dear Little Mermaid
Decreed by Fate
Defying the Storm
Delicacies Destiny
Designated Love
Destined to Meet You
Detective Husband I've Never Met
Dine with Love
Discovery of Romance
DNA Says Love You
Don't Be Shy
Dr. Tang
Dragon Day, You're Dead Season 3
Draw the Line
Dream House
Dreams Can Come True

Ex's Revenge

Fall in Love
Farewell to Arms
Farewell Vivian
Fei Teng Ren Sheng
Female CEO Love Me
Fen Jie Xian
Fighting! Girl
Floating Youth
Folk Strange Tale
Foodie Queen
For Truly Great Men
From Love to Happiness
Future Store

Gao Shan Qing Qu
Gao Xing's Ups and Downs
Gentlemen of East 8th
Girls' Secrets
Glory of Special Forces
Go! My Hero!
Goddess Hotel
Gold Panning
Gong Yin Yi Jiang Shui
Grand Canal
Great Miss D
Growing Pain 2
Gu Lou Wai
Guo's Summer

Hasty Youth
Hello My Girl
Hello, My Shining Lover
Hello, the Sharpshooter
Here Is My Exclusive Indulge 2
Hidden Edge
How To Be An Imperial Concubine
Hu Tong
Huang Shu Da Ren Jie Yuan Ba

I Am a Super Star
I Want to be Brothers with You
Immortal Samsara Part 1
Immortal Samsara Part 2
In the Storm
Infidelity in Marriage

Jia Jia's Lovely Journey
Jiang Nan Si Yu
Just Fiancee

Lady of Law
Left Right
Legally Romance
Lethal Perfume
Let's Meet Now
Life Is A Long Quiet River
Light the Night
Ling Long Zhang Gui Qiao Chu Wang
Lost in the Kunlun Mountains
Lost Track of Time
Love at First Taste
Love Behind the Melody
Love Between Fairy and Devil
Love in a Loop
Love in Flames of War
Love is Forbidden Here
Love Is Leaving
Love Like the Galaxy Part 1
Love Like the Galaxy Part 2
Love the Way You Are
Love Under the Stars
Love Unexpected
Love You Day and Month
Lucky Club

Maid's Revenge
Make a Wish Miss Xiangqi
Master of My Own
Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader
Memory of Encaustic Tile 
Mirror: A Tale of Twin Cities
Miss Buyer
Miss Su Please Stop
Modern Dynasty
Modern Marriage
Mom Don't Do That
Mom Wow
Mr. Bad
Ms. Cupid in Love
My Fair Lady Zhong Wuyan
My Fantasy Doctor
My Girlfriend Is An Alien 2
My Honey
My Kung Fu Girlfriend
My Love and Stars
My Lucky Princess
My Mermaid Boyfriend
My Name Is Zhao Jiadi
My Poison Lover
My Sassy Princess
My Superhero
My Way

Never Give Up
Nice to Meet You Again
Night of Love With You
No Regrets in Life
Nobody Knows
Nothing But You

Ode to Joy 3
Oh My Lord
Operation: Special Warfare
Ordinary Greatness
Out of Court: Blinding Elephant and The Last Straw
Out with a Bang

Paternity Appraiser
Peach Blossoms Heroine
Perfect Couple
Please Don't Spoil Me
Pride and Price

Qing Shan Bu Mo

Rewriting Destiny
Rising Lady
Rose War
Royal Feast

San Quan Xi Nuan
Sassy Beauty
Scent of Love
Seal of Love Season 1
See You Again
See You Tomorrow
Shining for One Thing
Shuang Mian Chong Fei Chuang Guan Ji
Side Story of Fox Volant
Silent Love
Simmer Down 
Small & Mighty
So Funny Youth
Song of Life
Spoil My Potter Girl
Stand By Me 3
Star-Crossed Lovers
Start Up Together
Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty
Stranger Anniversary
Surrogate Heir

Talking Bones 2
The Accidental Physicians
The Amazing Grace of Σ
The Autumn Ballad
The Bachelors
The Blue Whisper
The Case Solver 2
The Crack of Dawn
The Disappearing Child
The Fight
The Four Daughters of Luoyang
The Grand Canal
The Heart of Genius
The Imperial Age
The Investigator 
The Killer is Also Romantic
The Lady in Butcher's House
The Legendary Life of Queen Lau
The Lord of Losers
The Murder in Kairoutei
The Oath of Love
The Old Dreams
The Only Girl You Haven't Seen
The Power Source
The Rainbow in Our Memory
The Record of Strange Things
The Righteous Fists
The Romance of Hua Rong 2
The Scale of Desire
The Stories of Lion Rock Spirit
The Story of Xing Fu
The Theatre Stories
The War Has No Distance
The Wind Blows from Longxi
There's a Genie Next Door
Thousand Years for You
Tian Xia Ren Jia
Time Seems to Have Forgotten
Time to Fall in Love
To Be A Brave One
To Our Dreamland of Ice
Tomorrow Will Be Better
Twenty Your Life On 2
Two Conjectures About Marriage

Under the Skin
Unmarried Hot Mom

Vacation of Love 2

We Are Together
When You Be Me
Who Rules the World
Why Women Love
Women Wrestling

Xi Tong Zhi Huang Hou Yang Cheng Ji
Xian Zun Jin Tian Xi Bai Le Ma
Xiang Cun Ai Qing Zhi Xiang Ya Shan Xing Shan Ji

Yi Dai Hong Shang
You Light Up My Life Again
Yu Ci Xiao Shi Wei
Yu Yang Qiu

Zhannggongzhu Zaishang

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