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Wednesday 1 May 2024

Lianli Assassin

Lianli Assassin China Web Drama
Web Drama: Lianli Assassin
Chinese Title: 连理刺客 / Lian Li Ci Ke
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Broadcast Date: April 17, 2024
Genre: Republican, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Zhang Bowei
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

In Republican China, Feng Xiao, adopted by a wealthy businessman, marries Lin Wan Xiu, adopted by a warlord, but both hide secret agendas as assassins. They must overcome misunderstandings, trust in love, and unite to thwart a conspiracy to sell national treasures.

Lianli Assassin Liu Meiqi Liu Meiqi as Lin Wanxiu
Lianli Assassin Cheng Yufeng Cheng Yufeng as Feng Xiao

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