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Tuesday 9 July 2024

List of Dramas July 2024

As Beautiful As You China Drama
Title: As Beautiful As You / 你比星光美丽
Cast: Seven Tan Songyun, Xu Kai
Broadcast Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV, Tencent
Broadcast Date: July 2, 2024 (See Viewing Calendar)
Synopsis: Ji Xing, a top college graduate, joined Guangsha with high hopes but faced stagnation for three years. Disillusioned, she quit to start her own business. Though a novice, her intelligence shone through as she navigated setbacks and successes. Along the way, she met Han Ting, a shrewd and cold mentor-investor who provided critical guidance. He anticipated a journey of discipline, but their partnership evolved into something much more profound.

The Dangerous Love China Web Drama
Title: The Dangerous Love / 姑娘!别这样
Cast: Gao Jicai, Liu Jingyi
Broadcast Network: Tencent
Broadcast Date: July 5, 2024
Synopsis: An "insignificant" government clerk seeks to capture a feared bounty hunter in a cat-and-mouse game, not knowing she's the princess.

Bright Time China Web Drama
Title: Bright Time / 芥子时光
Cast: Hao Fushen, Bian Cheng
Broadcast Network: Mango TV
Broadcast Date: July 6, 2024 (See Viewing Calendar)
Synopsis: Breaking the traditional mold of youth dramas is a story about the unruly delinquent who unexpectedly becomes friends with the straight-A student, thus becoming a unique existence in each other's lives.
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

Her Fantastic Adventures China Web Drama
Title: Her Fantastic Adventures / 第二次初见
Cast: Ireine Song Yiren, Fiction Guo Junchen, Li Jiulin, Jiang Zixin
Broadcast Network: iQIYI, Youku
Broadcast Date: July 6, 2024 (See Viewing Calendar)
Synopsis: A female athlete is accidentally incarnated into ancient times. Surprisingly, familiar faces appear before her even in this new environment and her journey takes her on a treasure hunt all while reaping family affection, love and friendship.

He is from the Cheng Group China Web Drama
Title: He is from the Cheng Group / 他来自程氏集团
Cast: Liu Qifeng, Li Ruoxi
Broadcast Network: Tencent
Broadcast Date: July 6, 2024
Synopsis: Its based on the novel Hao Men Kuang Xu (豪门狂婿) by Cang Hai Can Yang (沧海残阳) that follows a husband who married into his wife's family for years. Everyone thinks he is a loser, but he is just waiting for her to hold his hand, and he'd give her the world.

Lost You Forever Season 2 China Drama
Title: Lost You Forever Season 2 / 长相思2
Cast: Andy Yang Zi
Broadcast Network: Jiangsu TV, Tencent
Broadcast Date: July 8, 2024 (See Viewing Calendar)
Synopsis: Xiyan Cang Xuan solidifies his rule over the Kingdom of Xiyan, while Tushan Jing marries Fangfeng Yi Yang. Xiao Yao, engaged to Chishui Feng Long, tells Xiang Liu she will stop making poisons for him after her marriage. Their intertwined destinies will influence the fates of powerful clans, the three kingdoms, and the land of Dahuang. As events unfold, Xiao Yao grapples with her sense of abandonment and searches for her own strength and belonging.

The Floating Generation Hong Kong Web Drama
Title: The Floating Generation / 岛屿协奏曲
Cast: Stephy Tang, Derek Chang, Joseph Ching-ting Hsia
Broadcast Network: ViuTV
Broadcast Date: July 8, 2024
Synopsis: Three Hong Kong women at different life stages move to Taiwan for new beginnings, facing unforeseen challenges. Faye (27) seeks love after being inspired by her friend's Taiwanese husband, Lydia (35+) struggles with her dive shop business and life with her husband, and Yvonne (39) enjoys her art teaching job until budget cuts threaten her position. Will their dreams of a fresh start in Taiwan survive reality's obstacles?

Love in a Dream China Drama
Title: Love in a Dream / 借宁安
Cast: Huang Yang Tian Tian, Zhang Jingyun, Li Baihui, Kaia Qiu Hongkai
Broadcast Network: Tencent
Broadcast Date: July 9, 2024 (See Viewing Calendar)
Synopsis: Based on the novel Gui Fei Qi Ju Zhu (贵妃起居注) by Xu Jiu Wang Chuan (许久望川), the story follows Consort Su Qin (Huang Yang Tian Tian), who, suffering from a strange illness, is banished to the Cold Palace. She is kidnapped by a mysterious figure in black and forced into a pact to assassinate the Emperor, with the condition being her marriage to Regent Lu Huan (Zhang Jingyun). As Su Qin and Lu Huan face life-threatening challenges together, their relationship deepens.

Little He Qingqing and her Small Field China Web Drama
Title: Little He Qingqing and her Small Field / 小禾卿卿有点田
Cast: Aaron Deng Chaoyuan, Sun Rui, Zhang Xinyao, Song Rui
Broadcast Network: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: July 10, 2024
Synopsis: Deliveryman Ji Xiaohu and spirited girl Miao Qingqing unexpectedly travel back to the 1980s to their hometown, Jixiang Village. There, they meet Ji Xiaohu’s young father.

Interlaced Scenes China Drama
Title: Interlaced Scenes / 交错的场景
Cast: Ma Yili, Tong Dawei, Gao Zhiting, Lyric Lan Yingying
Broadcast Network: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: July 11, 2024
Synopsis: While investigating a case, police detectives Jiang Guangming and Shi Luo discover that the crime scene depicted in a novel coincides with an actual crime scene.

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty II To the West China Web Drama
Title: Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty II To the West / 唐朝诡事录之西行
Cast: William Yang Xuwen, Yang Zhigang
Broadcast Network: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: July 18, 2024
Synopsis: Set in 712 AD during Emperor Ruizong's reign, the Tang Dynasty thrives, but hidden dangers loom. Lu Lingfeng (Yang Xuwen), deputy minister of the Grand Court of Justice, and Su Wuming (Yang Zhigang), Qianling's registrar, uncover a series of supernatural mysteries among the common people. Their perilous journey to the west reveals dark forces threatening the empire's stability. Will they unravel these mysteries before it's too late?

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