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Wednesday 2 January 2019

Chinese Dramas with Eng Subs 2019

"Your Highness" Class Monitor (Youtube)
A Little Thing Called First Love (Viki)
All I Want For Love Is You (Youtube)
All Is Well (Youtube)
Art in Love (Youtube)
Blowing in the Wind (Viki)
Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time (Youtube)
Cold Case (Youtube)
Deep in My Heart (Youtube)
Destiny's Love (Viki, Youtube)
Detective L (Youtube)
Dive (Youtube)
Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty (Viki)
Emperors & Me (Youtube)
Fall in Love (Youtube)
From Survivor To Healer (Viki, Youtube)
Girl in 27 (Youtube)
Go Go Squid! (Viki)
Goodbye My Princess (Viki)
Green Door (Netflix)
Hello Debate Opponent (Youtube)
Hope All Is Well With Us (Youtube)
Hot-Blooded Youth (Viki, Youtube)
I Hear You (Youtube)
I Will Never Let You Go (Viki)
If I Can Love You So (Viki)
I'm So Pretty (Youtube)
In Youth (Youtube)
Joy of Life (Viki, Youtube)
Just an Encore (Youtube)
Le Coup De Foudre (Viki, Youtube)
Legend of the Phoenix (Viki)
Like A Flowing River (Viki, Youtube)
Listening Snow Tower (Viki, Youtube)
Love and Destiny (Viki)
Love Better Than Immortality (Youtube)
Love is Deep (Youtube)
Love is Fate (Youtube)
Love Journey (Youtube)
Love Under the Moon (Viki, Youtube)
Lovely Swords Girl (Youtube)
Ming Dynasty (Youtube)
Mountains and Ocean (Youtube)
Mr. Fighting (Viki, Youtube)
My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression (Viki, Youtube)
My Girlfriend (Viki)
My Girlfriend Is An Alien (Youtube)
My True Friend (Netflix, Viki, Viu)
Never Gone: So You Are Still Here (Viki)
Nice To Meet You (Viki)
Novoland: Eagle Flag (Viki, Youtube)
Nowhere Man (Netflix)
Our Shining Days (Youtube)
Prodigy Healer (Viki)
Pushing Hands (Youtube)
Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Youtube)
Retourner le monde à toi (Viki)
River Flows To You (Viki)
See You Again (Viki)
Seek for the Holy Guiguzi (Youtube)
Someday or One Day (Viki)
Somewhere Only We Know (Netflix)
Spy Hunter (Youtube)
Standing in the Time (Viki)
Sword Dynasty: Fantasy Masterwork (Viki, Youtube)
The Best Partner (Viki)
The Brightest Star in the Sky (Viki, Youtube)
The Chosen Ones (Netflix)
The Golden Eyes (Viki)
The Great Craftsman (Youtube)
The King of Blaze (Viki, Youtube)
The King's Avatar (Netflix, Viki, Youtube)
The Legend of Hao Lan (Viki)
The Legend of White Snake (Viki, Youtube)
The Legends (Viki)
The Longest Day in Chang'An (Viki)
The Lost Tomb 2: Explore With The Note (Youtube)
The Missing Half (Youtube)
The Next Top Star (Youtube)
The Night of the Comet (Youtube)
The Plough Department of Song Dynasty (Viki, Youtube)
The Romance of Hua Rong (Youtube)
The Story of MingLan (Viki, Youtube)
The Untamed (Youtube)
Walk Into Your Memory (Youtube)
Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures (Netflix)
Young Blood Agency (Youtube)

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