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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Web Drama: Art in Love

Art in Love Taiwan Web Drama
Title: Art in Love
Chinese Title: 那刻的怦然心动 / Na Ke De Peng Ran Xin Dong
Broadcast Website: Mango TV
Broadcast Date: December 18, 2017
Air Time: Monday to Wednesday 18:00 (two episodes every night)
Genre: Idol
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 35
Director: Shen Yi, Zhu Feng
Origin: Taiwan
Watch Episodes On: Youtube (eng subs)

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that revolves around two people who've known each other from their college days to the workplace and a mistaken romance that spans seven years. Unlike typical idol dramas where the characters uphold their one true love, the main characters learn to adapt in a cruel world.

Art student Tao Yu Fei (George Hu) and Li Chen Yin (Kan Qing Zi) have gotten to know each other well after being assigned as group mates for a school project and they go from bickering friends to a couple. However, Tao Yu Fei sacrifices his relationship with her for the sake of his ambition and goes abroad for further studies even if it means leaving her with basketball player Qiu Jia Wu (Hong Yao) who has always been around for Chen Yin.

Seven years later, Yu Fei is a renowned artist while Chen Yin works at an art museum. They encounter each other once again and feelings that they thought were long gone begin to resurface. Will she choose Yu Fei again and how will she face Jia Wu?

Fun Facts

  • It is a Mainland China and Taiwan collaboration produced by Mango TV, CTI and QuJiangYaYa.
  • Filming took place in Shanghai and Taipei.
  • It is the second collaboration between Kan Qing Zi and Hong Yao who previously worked together in Demon Girl.
  • Because his character is an artist, George Hu took the time to learn sketching and oil painting from a teacher before filming began.

Art in Love Adi Kan Qing Zi Adi Kan Qing Zi as Li Chenyin
Art in Love George Hu George Hu as Tao Yufei
Art in Love Hong Yao Hong Yao as Qiu Jiawu
Art in Love Sharon Kwan Sharon Kwan as Liu Keshan

Supporting Cast
Art in Love Taiwan Web Drama
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Art in Love Taiwan Web Drama
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