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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Drama: Pushing Hands

Pushing Hands China Drama
Title: Pushing Hands
Chinese Title: 推手 / Tui Shou
Broadcast Network: Jiangsu TV, Zhejiang TV
Broadcast Date: March 26, 2019
Air Time: Daily Primetime Drama 19:30 (two episodes)
Genre: Business, Idol, Modern, Romance, Workplace
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 48
Director: Wen Jie
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story revolving a playful and carefree second generation rich who hits rock bottom after his family goes bankrupt. With the help of a friend, he gets a chance to start over as a white-collar worker.

Liu Qingyang (Jia Nailiang) is a motorbike enthusiast who inadvertently saves Chen Yifan (Wang Ou) during a race. After his family falls to financial ruin, he and his mother are forced to take refuge inside a construction site. Having no credentials, Liu Qingyang resorts to doing manual labor in order to pay off their debts. Chen Yifan helps him out and recruits him to work at Mingde Construction.

Wanting nothing more than to take better care of his mother, Liu Qingyang begins to learn the ropes though the journey in itself is difficult as Mingde Construction is being strong armed by the four giant construction firms. Liu Qingyang seeks out Mei Daoyuan (Wang Jingsong), a legendary businessman, who becomes his mentor and also teaches him taichi in hopes that Liu Qingyang can decipher the ways of business.


Fun Facts

  • It is produced by Yu Heng Film Group in collaboration with other companies.
  • Filming took place in Suzhou and Shanghai.
  • The weather was below zero degrees when the cast was filming in Suzhou, but they had to wear thin clothing due to the drama.

Pushing Hands Jia Nailiang Jia Nailiang as Liu Qingyang
Pushing Hands Angel Wang Ou Angel Wang Ou as Chen Yifan
Pushing Hands Liu Huan Liu Huan as Liu Nian
Pushing Hands Bian Xiaoxiao Bian Xiaoxiao as Chun Yu
Pushing Hands Wang Jinsong Wang Jinsong as Mei Daoyuan
Pushing Hands Li Tianzhu Li Tianzhu as Chen Qiufeng
Pushing Hands Wan Siwei Wan Siwei as Zhang Xiaotong
Pushing Hands Wu Xin Wu Xin as Cao Fei

Supporting Cast
  • Cong Xin (从心) by A
  • Yu Jian Ni You Yu Jian Ai Qing (遇见你又遇见爱情) by Cui A Zha (崔阿扎)

Pushing Hands China Drama
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Pushing Hands China Drama
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