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Wednesday 9 November 2022

Healing Food, Healing Love

Healing Food, Healing Love / Delicious Love China Web Drama
Web Drama: Healing Food, Healing Love / Delicious Love
Chinese Title: 你是我的美味 / Ni Shi Wo De Mei Wei
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: November 2, 2022
Air Time: Wed-Thu 12:00 (2 eps), all eps released immediately for VIP (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Food, Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 23
Director: Guo Heng
Screenwriter: Li Weiyi
Production Company: Huaxinfanyu
Executive Producer: Bei Yingying
Producer: Fang Guoyuan, Cui Yu, Long Jiaqi
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A food editor fights alongside her domineering boss to become more and more courageous with each setback. Meanwhile, the gentle "puppy dog" and magazine photographer are both workers in the workplace who grow up together while they "eat melons" and "eat sweets".

The relationship between Shen Ying (Zhao Yaoke) and Zheng Dao (Zhang He) can be described as full of twists and turns. From their initial dislike of each other to the fact that they have been assigned to the same team, the two cannot deny that they've met again as enemies yet also feel a spark of romance.

As a boss with a sharp tongue, Zheng Dao makes things difficult for Shen Ying in every possible way but as time goes on, they gradually discover the beautiful side of each other. Alas, Zheng Dao's first love and Shen Ying's childhood sweetheart have suddenly entered the picture to hinder the litter progress they've made. What's worse, Zheng Dao's stubbornness and pride causes many misunderstandings between them, which leads the two to almost part ways. Nonetheless, the fire of love can always be rekindled again and again.

Fun Facts

  • Filming lasted from September 23, 2021 to November 8, 2021 in Zhoushan.

Healing Food, Healing Love Ryan Zhang He Ryan Zhang He as Zheng Dao
Healing Food, Healing Love Zhao Yaoke Zhao Yaoke as Shen Ying
Healing Food, Healing Love Zhao Pinlin Zhao Pinlin as Yu Sicheng

Supporting Cast
  • Ni Yan as Zhuang Yan
  • Sky Li as Fang Siwei
  • Wen Sheng as Fan Jian
  • Wang Qiaoxi as Li Bai
  • Zhou Zijie as Xu Duo
  • Sun Qianlan as Lin Man
  • Zhao Tiange as Ye Zhiqiu
  • Zhang Xingte as Shen Xiaodi
  • Fiona Fan Zhen as Han Feizi
  • Ye Haoran as Guan Guan
  • Lou Xinyue as Tong Tong
  • Li Shijiao as Xiao Zhang
  • Liu Bo as Zheng Youwei
  • Lan Cheng as Shen Ba
  • Han Shushu as Shen Ma
  • Li Shaoting as Yu Sheng
  • Jia Shuyi as Yu Mu

Healing Food, Healing Love / Delicious Love China Web Drama
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Character Map
Healing Food, Healing Love / Delicious Love China Web Drama
Viewing Calendar
Nov 2 VIP finale, Dec 8 non-VIP finale

Healing Food, Healing Love / Delicious Love China Web Drama

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