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Sunday 27 November 2022


Destined China Drama
Drama: Destined
Chinese Title: 长风渡 / Chang Feng Du
Broadcast Network: CCTV-8
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: June 18, 2023
Air Time: Daily 19:00 (2 eps) for VIP with 5 eps on premiere, Daily (1 ep) for non-VIP, starting Jun 22 Thu-Sun 19:00 (2 eps) for VIP (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Historical, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Yin Tao
Screenwriter: Rao Jun
Production Company: iQIYI, Liehuo Yingshi, Shengge Fim and Television Cullture Chongqing Co. Ltd.
Executive Producer: Gong Yu
Chief Producer: Wang Xiaohui
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Mo Shu Bai  

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A merchant's daughter who has experienced many trials in her life and longed for a good marriage ends up with a well-known playboy. The two people in an arranged marriage learn to support each other and find love.

Liu Yuru (Song Yi) is the daughter of a clothing merchant in Yangzhou. However, she has suffered many hardships as a child due to her birth mother being seriously ill, her stepmother being unkind, and her father paying no attention to her. Liu Yuru had no choice but to behave like a perfect lady for fifteen years.

Alas, Liu Yuru's family marries her off to Gu Jiusi (Bai Jingting) who is a well-known playboy. What's worse, Gu Jiusi detests her because he thinks that she married him for money and power. A realization that she cannot let her fate be dependent on another person dawns on Liu Yuru, so she decides to learn how to be a merchant. Liu Yuru proves her worth and eventually wins the approval of her mother-in-law. Her impression of Gu Jiusi also begins to change when she discovers his pure, kind and passionate side.

At this time, Yangzhou envoy Wang Shanquan's (Zhang Shaogang) perverse ways has left a lot of people homeless. The Gu family also had uproot their lives and flee. Gu Jiusi who used to live lavishly grows up overnight after witnessing the plights of thousands of refugees. He starts on a new path, working from the bottom as a constable and rising up the ranks to become an official. Together with wife Liu Yuru, they write a prosperous story together.

Fun Facts

  • Liu Xueyi takes a special starring role.
  • The blessing ceremony was held on June 15, 2022 in Hengdian.
  • It was announced over four months later on November 7, 2022 that filming has wrapped.
  • In November 2022, it was rumored that leads Bai Jingting and Song Yi are dating due to paparazzi photos of them together.
  • Song Yi is four years older than Bai Jingting.
  • It was first released as a web drama before securing an air date on CCTV-8.
  • It has become the fastest drama to reach a heat index of 10,000 on iQIYI just 41 hours since it premiered.
  • It is iQIYI's 9th show with a heat index of 10,000. 
  • After the show premiered online, it earned a television premiere on state-run channel CCTV-8 starting June 26, 2023.

Destined Bai Jingting Bai Jingting as Gu Jiusi
Destined Song Yi Song Yi as Liu Yuru

Supporting Cast
Destined China Drama
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Destined China Drama
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Behind The Scenes
Destined China Drama
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Character Map
Destined China Drama
Viewing Calendar
Jul 14 VIP finale

Destined China Drama
Destined China Drama

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