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Sunday 18 September 2022


Mammoth China Movie
Movie: Mammoth
Chinese Title: 会考试的猛犸象 / Hui Kao Shi De Meng Ma Xiang
Release Date: TBA
Genre: School, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Length: 105 minutes / 148 minutes (Director's Cut)
Director: Wang Nianyi
Screenwriter: Wang Nianyi
Chief Producer: Xie Fei
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The film tells the story of three youths due to a "substitute" incident for the college entrance examination.

Xiao Yang (Xu Qijie) has a crush on Xiao An (Deng Enxi). He has no intention of studying making things difficult for his tutor Liu Lei (Qu Bo). Meanwhile, Liu Lei enlightens Xiao Yang, and the two gradually become good friends. Xiao Yang confesses his feelings to Xiao Yang through a recording from his iPAD that he places in Xiao An's drawer yet she rejects him. Under the guidance of Liu Lei, Xiao Yang studies hard and finally gets admitted to school. Liu Lei graduates and goes to work at Hope Primary School.

Fun Facts

  • It was shot in Chongqing.

Mammoth Ancy Deng Enxi Ancy Deng Enxi as Zhao Anan
Mammoth Xu Qijie Xu Qijie as Su Zhengyang
Mammoth Qu Bo Qu Bo as Liu Lei

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