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Tuesday 4 January 2022


Revival / Kairoutei Satsujin Jiken China Movie
Movie: Revival / Kairoutei Satsujin Jiken
Chinese Title: 回廊亭 / Hui Lang Ting
Release Date: March 10, 2023
Genre: Crime, Romance, Suspense
Language: Mandarin
Director: Lai Mukuan
Screenwriter: Wen Ning, Xu Luyang, Zhang Shidong
Producer: Ma Ke, Xiao Fei
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from the Japanese novel The Murder in Kairotei by Keigo Higashino

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

What happened a year ago was no accident. The fire has been extinguished, but the hatred has not. She rises from the ashes vowing to avenge her love. With the murderer hidden from view, can the truth see the light of day?

A wealthy businessman has passed away, his relatives gather at the hotel and everyone has their own ghosts. How will the hundreds of millions of inheritance be distributed? At this critical juncture, lawyer Zhou Yang (Ren Suxi) arrives with the will and a mysterious letter that involves an unsolved homicide case due to a fire that occurred a year ago. The deceased was the illegitimate son of the businessman who would've been first in line to inherit the entire estate and the culprit seems to be hidden among them...

Fun Facts

  • A drama adaptation based on the same story stars Steven Zhang Xincheng and Deng Jiajia.
  • It was announced on July 20, 2021 that filming is in progress.

Revival Ren Suxi Ren Suxi as Zhou Yang
Revival Liu Mintao Liu Mintao as Lin Zhenhui
Revival Hu Ke Hu Ke as Ji Dongmei
Revival Wu Haochen Wu Haochen as Chen Song
Revival Zhang Juanyi Zhang Juanyi as Liu Dui
Revival Lu Fangsheng Lu Fangsheng as Gao Zhi
Revival Tang Min Tang Min as Cheng Xuan
Revival Kid Young Kid Young as Gao Jian

Supporting Cast
Revival / Kairoutei Satsujin Jiken China Movie
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Behind The Scenes
Revival / Kairoutei Satsujin Jiken China Movie
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