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Tuesday 7 December 2021

B For Busy

B For Busy / Myth of Love China Movie
Movie: B For Busy / Myth of Love
Chinese Title: 爱情神话 / Ai Qing Shen Hua
Release Date: December 24, 2021
Genre: Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Shao Yihui
Screenwriter: Shao Yihui
Chief Producer: Xu Zheng
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Old Bai has been divorced for many years and makes a living by teaching people how to paint. He is lonely but doesn't want to admit that he's lonely. Old Bai admires Old Wu's romantic idealism but he lives in a very practical world. Old Wu only loved one woman in his life and wrote a romance that was like a dream.

Miss Li (Ma Yili) raises her daughter as a single mom. Bei Bei (Wu Yue) got into dancing tango after going through a divorce. Gloria's (Ni Hongjie) rich husband has gone missing. Three completely different women cross paths because of Old Bai (Xu Zheng). Old Bai's specialty is teaching the elderly how to paint. His good friend Old Wu (Zhou Yemang) has yearned for romance all his life. After a few meals, Old Bai's living room has turned into a place for everyone to gather. Three women and two men in the modern city of Shanghai depict the various fireworks of life through their eyes.

Fun Facts

  • Actor Xu Zheng is also the producer.
  • The boot ceremony was held on March 20, 2021.

B For Busy Xu Zheng Xu Zheng as Old Bai
B For Busy Ma Yili Ma Yili as Miss Li
B For Busy Wu Yue Wu Yue as Bei Bei
B For Busy Ni Hongjie Ni Hongjie as Gloria
B For Busy Zhou Yemang Zhou Yemang as Old Wu

Supporting Cast
B For Busy / Myth of Love China Movie
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B For Busy / Myth of Love China Movie
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Behind The Scenes
B For Busy / Myth of Love China Movie
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