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Friday 28 February 2020

Love & the Emperor

Love & the Emperor China Web Drama
Web Drama: Love & the Emperor
Chinese Title: 手可摘星辰 / Shou Ke Zhai Xing Chen / 深宫丑女 / Shen Gong Chou Nv
Broadcast Website: Mango TV
Broadcast Date: March 4, 2020
Air Time: Wednesday-Thursday 20:00 (2 eps), 6 eps released for members in advance
Genre: Comedy, Historical, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Luo Zhizhong
Screenwriter: Yang Guangguang
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from the novel Shen Gong Chou Nv (深宫丑女) by Bing Se
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Through a VR game, workplace rookie Li Xia finds herself in the ancient times as an ugly palace maid who serves the emperor.

Li Xia (He Hua) coincidentally lands the opportunity to become a tester for a newly-developed game, yet once she opened the doors to a new reality, a bug prevents her from quitting the game.

In the ancient times, Li Xia becomes the ugly palace maid who must work her way up. She meets the emperor (Luo Yihang), a man she thought was unreachable as the stars and a romance ensues. What will happen when she learns the price she must pay to return to her old life?

Love & the Emperor Camille He Hua Camille He Hua as Li Xia
Love & the Emperor Luo Yihang Luo Yihang as Yang Mo
Love & the Emperor Wen Yifan Wen Yifan as Xie Qingshu
Love & the Emperor Lin Xin Lin Xin as Mou Wenxu
Love & the Emperor An Chenxin An Chenxin as Fan Ruxiang
Love & the Emperor Wang Zhiqian Wang Zhiqian as Xiao Yingzi

Love & the Emperor China Web Drama
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Love & the Emperor China Web Drama

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