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Saturday 16 February 2019

Youth Melody

Youth Melody China Drama
Drama: Youth Melody
Chinese Title: 青ζ˜₯ζ—‹εΎ‹ / Qing Chun Xuan Lu
Broadcast Network: Liaoning TV, XZTV
Broadcast Date: February 9, 2011
Genre: Idol, Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 8
Director: Sang Hua
Screenwriter: Shen Jie
Production Company: China International Television Corporation (CITVC)
Production Date: 2010
Producer: Li Yu, Gao Jianmin, Gao Zhijie, Zhang Hua, Eva Huang
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in the backdrop of an automotive company, the story revolves around college graduates on a journey to kickstart their careers.

It was the last self-development lesson for the graduating class. Teacher Zhao (Chang Cheng) has asked the students to go on a long-distance run with no finish line. One by one, every student gives up except for Wang Yuhang (Leo Ku) who kept on running until the school bell rang.

Competition for employment is fierce and cutthroat. Wang Yuhang and his good friend Liao Bohan (Wu Haokang) left the four words 'I want to stay' hanging at their school dormitory before leaving for good. Wang Yuhang prepared long and hard throughout the application process for the company of his dreams, but many days have passed and he hasn't heard back. Wang Yuhang and Liao Bohan share a small tube-shaped apartment that they are renting.

After graduation, Ning Hao (Yang Yang) followed his parents plans for him to take the civil servant exams. His days are no different from when he was school because his nose is still buried in the books and he has to deal with the constant nagging from his parents.

Wang Yuhang and Liao Bohan managed to survive their hardest days because Ning Hao would bring them food from his house. Dong Qianqian (Ma Su) and Pu Xiaotang (Jiang Mengjie) also live in the same apartment. Dong Qianqian has maxed out her credit cards and lives day to day being chased by her debtors. Pu Xiaotang is gentle and quiet. She is an expert Go player who can beat everyone except for Wang Yuhang.

Fun Facts

  • According to producer Li Yu, Leo Ku initially had reservations about accepting the role because he didn't feel that he would fit the role of a college graduate. After reading the entire script, his doubts when away and he took the role.
    Ma Su became interested in the role after reading the script. She liked that her character Dong Qianqian was kind, sharp and fashionable.
  • Actress Eva Huang joins as part of the cast and a producer.

Youth Melody Leo Ku Leo Ku as Wang Yuhang
Youth Melody Ma Su Ma Su as Dong Qianqian
Youth Melody Jiang Mengjie Jiang Mengjie as Pu Xiaotang
Youth Melody Zhou Mi Zhou Mi as Gao Da
Youth Melody Eva Huang Shengyi Eva Huang Shengyi as Tian Tian
Youth Melody Kim Hee-chul Kim Hee-chul as Shen Taiyi
Youth Melody Yang Yang Yang Yang as Ning Hao
Youth Melody Deep Ng Deep Ng as Liao Bahan
Youth Melody Michelle Wai Michelle Wai as Tian Hui

Youth Melody China Drama
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Youth Melody China Drama
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