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Monday 31 December 2018

Daily Chinese Drama TV Ratings Dec. 29, 2018

Like A Flowing River The Great River The Lady in Cubicle

CSM52 Cities | Dec. 29, 2018 - Saturday | 19:30 - 24:00
1Like A Flowing RiverBeijing TV19:30371.3904.630
2Like A Flowing RiverDragon TV19:30370.9503.170
3The Great RiverJiangsu TV19:30290.8402.800
4The Lady in CubicleZhejiang TV22:0030.6202.060
5The Story of MingLanHunan TV19:3090.5501.840
6Our YouthShandong TV22:0015 - 160.4601.520
7The Story of XijingAnhui TV19:303 - 40.3901.340
8Forty Years We WalkedHubei TV19:300.3741.269
9The Story of XijingTianjin TV19:303 - 40.3501.190
10Forty Years We WalkedHeilongjiang TV19:300.3321.126

Note: Includes reruns and excludes dramas on government-owned channels like CCTV. Ratings and share are in percentages (%).

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