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Saturday 8 November 1997

Actor: Shen Yue

Shen Yue China Actor

Name: Shen Yue
Chinese Name: 沈月
Birthdate: February 27, 1997
Birthplace: Hunan, China
Height: 160cm
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Ethnicity: Han Chinese
Profession: Actor
Fandom: Mooncake (月饼)
Weibo: View
Talent Agency: Mantra Pictures

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Fun Facts

  • On November 8, 2017, Barbie Hsu who played Shan Cai in the 2001 Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden shared a picture of Shen Yue on her instagram to announce that she will be the next Shan Cai.
  • After finding out that she landed the part of Shan Cai, Shen Yue didn't know how to express her excitement so she went for a run in her pajamas then went back to phone the news to her parents and friends.
  • She attended the New Meteor Garden presscon on November 9, 2017 which was the same day as the premiere of her new webdrama A Love Is So Beautiful, which turned out to be a hit.
  • Shen Yue graduated with a degree in journalism and communication at Hunan Normal University.
  • Shen Yue hadn't planned on going into acting as she was interested in photography.
  • Since she wanted to be a director, Shen Yue interned on Mango TV as a student where she filmed interviews behind the scenes. After she became an actress, she returned to her former workplace as a guest on Hunan TV's variety show Happy Camp.
  • Shen Yue being scouted as an actress was purely by chance. She went in as a substitute for a photoshoot and after the photos were shared online, her agency reached out to her.
  • Despite her character in A Love So Beautiful, Shen Yue can sing. She also sang a song for her drama Another Me.
  • Shen Yue's name Yue translates to moon.

Shen Yue China Actor
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  1. I find her cute. I think Shan cai role will fit for her because i can see fierceness in her eyes, A small but a terrible girl. FIGHTING Shen Yue. I am watching her right now in A Love So Beautiful and I'am surprised to find out that she's a newbie! she act well like a pro!

  2. Are you sure she is 1,68cm? She looks like 1,58 or less, when she is beside Hu Yi Tian, if he has 1,81, doesn't look like a 13cm difference between them.

    1. Sorry about that and thanks for the heads up. We've checked and she's 160cm. He's 188cm.

  3. I love her because she's so freaking cute and also incredibly talented. I watched A love so beautiful and I've fallen in love with her acting. But is her height recorded accurately here, because the height difference between her an Hu Yi Tian looks a bit more than 13cm...

  4. O�������� I'm a bit sad. I wanted Hu Yi Tian to be her partner always because there is chemistry between them. I hope they will have dramas together again. ������

  5. I love her cuteness and the way she act as Chen xiao xi a girl who is so determined and honest about her feeling towards jang Cheng . I was so happy to hear that she will be casting in the meteor garden and I am looking forward to her success and our hu teacher .

  6. Uh oh! She’s 158 (5’2) Not 160(5’3) or 168 (5’6) please edit this admin to make it more accurate and specific. �� thank you

    1. Hi Hershey, your feedback is very much welcomed!
      We have double checked our sources and her height is listed as 160cm. We might have missed it, but if you can share to us your source, we are more than willing to update her height :)
      In the meantime, happy holidays and have a merry merry Christmas! :)

  7. Ahhhh I saw a video facts about them! :O

  8. Here some facts about the casts. Hope it helps for the additional infos admin! :)

    1. I MEAN ADMIN:


  10. Her height actually indicated here…

  11. Since we are a community driven website, we have changed her height as per the feedback received. Thanks to you all for your contributions and continued support in making sure that we continue to show accurate information :)