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Monday, 23 October 2017

Web Drama: False Phoenix Season 2

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False Phoenix Season 2 China Web Drama
Title: False Phoenix Season 2
Chinese Title: 假凤虚凰第二季 / Jia Feng Xu Huang Di Er Ji
Broadcast Website: iQiYi
Broadcast Date: October 24, 2017
Genre: Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 12
Director: He Jia Nan
Region: China
Related: Fake Phoenixes
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Ye Xiao

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The sequel continues the story between the Crown Prince, the Crown Princess and the son of the Prime Minister with the addition of his martial arts sister that turns the love triangle into a square.

After Su Yu (Liu Ji Kai) and Ye Qing Ge (Zhao Yu Xi) are forcibly separated, the couple find their way back to each other through a fake death. Xie Qing Yun (Dong Zi Min) has no choice but to withdraw from the love triangle, which unexpectedly leads him to cross paths with martial sister He Lian (Zhou Meng). However, the four encounter their biggest problem yet when the Empress Dowager of Beichu reveals the truth behind Su Yu's identity, causing Ye Qing Ge's life to be in danger as the King contemplates killing the fake Crown Prince.

Fun Facts

  • After filming a particular scene, Zhao Yu Xi was too into her character that she was dazed for a week>
  • Liu Ji Kai is very strict towards himself. Sometimes, the director will yell cut on a good take but he will ask for a retake in order to do it even better.
  • Dong Zi Min said that he'll discuss the script with the director whenever he gets a chance.
  • It is Zhou Meng's first costume drama, so she really made the effort to practice horseback riding and wirework.

False Phoenix Season 2 Iris Zhao Yuxi Iris Zhao Yuxi as Ye Qing Ge
False Phoenix Season 2 Liu Ji Kai Liu Ji Kai as Su Yu
False Phoenix Season 2 Dong Zi Ming Dong Zi Ming as Xie Qing Yun
False Phoenix Season 2 Zhou Meng Zhou Meng as He Lian Jiu
False Phoenix Season 2 Zhu Jia Xi Zhu Jia Xi as Zhang Jing Chu
False Phoenix Season 2 An Qin Fu An Qin Fu as Xiao Tao Zi

Supporting Cast
  • Li Zhu Jun as Chen Fang
  • Jiang Yuan Yang as Mu Da Yang
  • Li Guo Ran as Lin Wan Qing
  • Wei Yu as Xie Zi Lan

False Phoenix Season 2 China Web Drama
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False Phoenix Season 2 China Web Drama
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