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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Drama: False Phoenix

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False Phoenix / Fake Phoenix China Drama
Title: False Phoenix / Fake Phoenix
Chinese Title: 假凤虚凰 / Jia Feng Xu Huang
Broadcast Website: iQiYi
Broadcast Date: May 5, 2017
Air Time: Wednesday 12:00 (one episode)
Genre: Costume
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 12
Director: He Jia Nan
Region: China
Related: Fake Phoenixes Season 2
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Ye Xiao 叶笑

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story revolving around a complicated romance between the Crown Prince of Da Xuan, the Princess of Beichu, the son of the Prime Minister and a political conspiracy brewing in the palace.

Ye Qing Ge (Zhao Yu Xi) and Su Yu (Liu Ji Kai) become a married couple due to an alliance between their respective kingdoms. Upon discovering each other's secret, they begin to plot against each other oblivious to their real feelings. On one side, Ye Qing Ge's childhood friend Xie Qing Yun (Dong Zi Ming) appears and disrupts the already strained relationship between the two.


False Phoenix Zhao Yu Xi Zhao Yu Xi as Ye Qing Ge
False Phoenix Liu Ji Kai Liu Ji Kai as Su Yu
False Phoenix Dong Zi Ming Dong Zi Ming as Xie Qing Yun
False Phoenix An Qin Fu An Qin Fu as Xiao Tao Zi
False Phoenix Wei Yu Wei Yu as Xie Zi Lan

Supporting Cast
  • Wang Xing as Wang Zong Guan
  • Chang Jin as Ye Hua An
  • Li Guo Ran as Lin Wan Qing
  • Jiang Yuan Yang as Mu Da Yang
  • Li Jie as Yang Gong Shu
  • Wang Tian Xin as Lu Xiao
  • Liu Bo Yu as Chen Yin
  • Zhu Ying as Shan Hu
  • Jin as Qin Sang
  • Ma Yuan Yuan as Ma Nao
  • Gu Jun Chen as Xiao Su Yu
  • Zhou Ao Yun as Xiao Qing Yun
  • Xu Tai Hua as Xiao Qing Ge

  • Wang (王) by Wang Cheng Cheng (王程程)
  • Listen - He Wo Zai Yi Qi (和我在一起) by Wang Cheng Cheng & Zhao Jia Wei (王程程&赵嘉伟)
  • Listen - Jiang Nan Lian (江南恋) by Wang Cheng Cheng & Zhao Jia Wei (王程程&赵嘉伟)
  • Listen - Jiang Nan Meng (江南梦) by Wang Cheng Cheng (王程程)
  • Listen - Xiao Kuai Le (小快乐) by Wang Cheng Cheng (王程程)

False Phoenix / Fake Phoenix China Drama
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False Phoenix / Fake Phoenix China Drama
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