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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Drama: Men With Swords

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Men With Swords China Drama
Title: Men With Swords
Chinese Title: 刺客列传 / Ci Ke Lie Zhuan
Broadcast Date: August 14, 2016
Genre: Costume
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Director: Wei Shi Yao
Region: China

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Men With Swords Zha Jie Zha Jie as Mu Rong Chi
Men With Swords Simon Lian Simon Lian as Qiu Zhen
Men With Swords Zhao Zhi Wei Zhao Zhi Wei as Gong Sun Qian
Men With Swords Yi Bo Chen Yi Bo Chen as Qi Zhi Kan
Men With Swords Dylan Xiong Dylan Xiong as Zhong Yi
Men With Swords Peng Yu Chang Peng Yu Chang as Meng Zhang
Men With Swords Zhu Jian Zhu Jian as Zhi Ming
Men With Swords Lu Yun Feng Lu Yun Feng as Ling Guang
Men With Swords Evan Ma Evan Ma as Jian Bin
Men With Swords Huang Wei Jin Huang Wei Jin as Yu

Supporting Cast
  • Yang Guang as Wei Xuan Chen
  • Ryan Kuo as Mo Lan
  • Zuo Zhen Dong as Qiu Tian Hao
  • Li Xi Zi as Geng Chen
  • Feng Tian as Qi Kun
  • Qin Yong as Cui Lin
  • Wang Yu Qi as Luo Min
  • Ren Xue Hai as Ruo Mu Hua
  • Zhu Jia Zhen as Su Han
  • Dai Xu Yi as Su Yan

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Men With Swords China Drama
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