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Monday, 9 December 1996

Actor: Dylan Xiong

Dylan Xiong / Xiong Ziqi  Actor

Name: Dylan Xiong / Xiong Ziqi
Chinese Name: 熊梓淇
Birthplace: Shanghai, China
Profession: Actor

Love Meter

  • Listen - Jian Xin Fei Yang (剑心飞扬)
  • Yue Guang Jue (月光诀)
  • Listen - Hua Shi (画师)
  • Zhan Huo Huang Yan (战火荒烟)
  • Po Lei (破泪)
  • Shen Ma Gui (什么鬼)
  • Guan Ming Bang Xiong (冠名帮凶)
  • Wo Bu Liao Sheng (我不聊生)
  • Shui Ai Ni (说爱你)
  • Ai De Shu Xue Gong Shi (爱的数学公式)
  • Xin Xing Xian (心形线)
  • Fight for you (Fight for you)
  • Nao (闹)

Dylan Xiong / Xiong Ziqi  Actor
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