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Thursday 6 June 2024

Love in the Hotel

Love in the Hotel China Drama
Drama: Love in the Hotel
Chinese Title: 今天总裁顺利退房了吗 / Jin Tian Zong Cai Shun Li Tui Fang Le Ma
Broadcast Date: May 28, 2024
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Short Drama, Transported to Another World
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube (eng subs)

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Yu Xianxian accidentally travels to a universe centered around domineering CEOs at the Nevaland Royal Hotel. Her mission is to expose the typical CEO "routines" and break up the "CP" in the novel she wrote.

Due to system bugs in this world of "domineering CEOs," Yu Xianxian discovers that all the CEOs not only look the same but share connected memories. As she navigates the challenges posed by these CEOs, Yu Xianxian learns they are all clones of Long Qing, the president of Nevaland Hotel. Along the way, she unexpectedly embarks on a series of romantic adventures with him.

Love in the Hotel Xu Mengyuan Xu Mengyuan as Yu Xianxian
Love in the Hotel Hu Wei Hu Wei as Long Qing

Love in the Hotel China Drama

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