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Tuesday 21 May 2024

Where is the Love

Where is the Love China Web Drama
Web Drama: Where is the Love
Chinese Title: 爱情去哪儿了 / Ai Qing Qu Na Er Le
Broadcast Website: LeTV
Broadcast Date: May 8, 2024
Air Time: 20:00
Genre: Family, Idol, Life, Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 35
Director: Wang Rong, Zhou Junlun
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Four close friends—Du Xinyue, Gu Ning, Luo Dan, and Ai Moli—navigate life's challenges. As time passes, Du Xinyue confronts her failing marriage, the disintegration of her friendship with Luo Dan, Gu Ning's move to the U.S., and Ai Moli's wavering standards.

Pregnant Du Xinyue juggles work and family while dealing with her suspicious husband. Gu Ning and Fan Zhigang's relationship faces constant hurdles as their wedding approaches. Luo Dan and Fang Dayu's campus romance hits a tragic turn after their families meet. Ai Moli is torn between her seemingly perfect relationship with Shi Weinan and a romantic yet impractical Frenchman. Amidst their struggles, they seek the true meaning of love, never giving up on finding answers. This is a guide to urban women's survival and growth.

Where is the Love Hu Jing Hu Jing as Du Xinyue
Where is the Love Zong Fengyan Zong Fengyan as Fan Zhigang
Where is the Love Du Junze Du Junze as Zhao Lei
Where is the Love Zhang Henger Zhang Henger as Ai Moli
Where is the Love Tang Jingmei Tang Jingmei as Gu Ning
Where is the Love Liu Xiyuan Liu Xiyuan as Luo Dan
Where is the Love Bao Xiaobo Bao Xiaobo as Yang Zong

Supporting Cast

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