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Wednesday 17 January 2024

Born to Run

Born to Run China Drama
Drama: Born to Run
Chinese Title: 如果奔跑是我的人生 / Ru Guo Ben Pao Shi Wo De Ren Sheng
Broadcast Network: CCTV-8
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: January 11, 2024
Air Time: Daily Primetime Drama 19:30 (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Family, Modern
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 28
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Following a tragic car accident that unfolds after a birthday celebration, the lives of Xiuli and Xiufang's families are irreversibly shattered. Xiuli's second son, Ruoxuan, a high-achieving senior high school student, loses his life. Meanwhile, Xiufang's only daughter, An Xin, a dance teacher, finds herself robbed of the use of her legs as a result of the same fateful incident.

After the loss of a family member, Xiuli (Chen Xiaoyi)'s eldest daughter, Ruohua (Yang Chaoyue), takes her mother to reside in her student dormitory, aiming to help Xiuli overcome her emotional pain. However, Ruohua encounters significant challenges, particularly in her romantic entanglement with Zhou Kaize (Wang Youdiao) and mounting pressures from her mother. Meanwhile, Xiufang's (Xu Di) daughter, An Xin (Zhong Chuxi), was left physically and emotionally damaged by the accident. Xiufang who has always battled with weight issues, is determined to boost her daughter's confidence by embarking on a weight loss journey. Simultaneously dealing with the complexities of her relationship with her son-in-law, Qin Feng (Song Yang), Xiufang offers support to An Xin as she navigates through the challenges of marriage, ultimately empowering herself to confront life anew.

Fun Facts

  • It was announced on May 8, 2023 that filming has wrapped.
  • The title translates to, "If Running Is My Life."

Born to Run Elaine Zhong Chuxi Elaine Zhong Chuxi as Cheng Anxin
Born to Run Yang Chaoyue Yang Chaoyue as Chen Ruohua
Born to Run Xu Di Xu Di as Zhao Xiufang
Born to Run Chen Xiaoyi Chen Xiaoyi as Zhao Xiuli

Supporting Cast
  • Hen Ji (痕迹) by Zhou Shen (周深)
  • I m Fine (I'm Fine) by Li Jia Wei (李佳薇)
  • Zhi Neng Piao Dang (只能飘荡) by Jin Min Qi (金玟岐)

Character Map
Born to Run China Drama
Viewing Calendar
Jan 23 VIP finale, Jan 24 TV finale

Born to Run China Drama

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