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Tuesday 26 December 2023

The Abandoned

The Abandoned Taiwan Movie
Movie: The Abandoned
Chinese Title: 追缉 / Zhui Ji
Release Date: November 11, 2023
Genre: Crime, Suspense
Language: Mandarin
Length: 128 minutes
Director: Zeng Yingting
Origin: Taiwan

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Wu Jie, a policewoman grappling the loss of her lover, stumbles upon a chilling murder case just as she was on the verge of ending her life. The victims, all women, bear grotesque wounds—exhumed corpses, missing hearts, and severed ring fingers, a testament to the inhumane suffering they endured before their deaths.

During the investigation of a serial murder case involving female workers, Wu Jie (Ning Chang) found that all the evidence pointed to the victim's ex-boyfriend, illegal manpower agent Lin Yousheng (Ethan Ruan). The entangled love and hatred between him and the deceased made him the biggest suspect in the case... What truth was hidden by the murderer in the name of love?

Fun Facts

  • The title translates to, "Pursuit."

The Abandoned Janine Chang Janine Chang as Wu Jie
The Abandoned Ethan Ruan Ethan Ruan as Lin Yousheng

The Abandoned Taiwan Movie

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