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Friday 17 November 2023

Romance in the Alley

Romance in the Alley China Drama
Drama: Romance in the Alley
Chinese Title: 小巷人家 / Xiao Xiang Ren Jia
Broadcast Network: Hunan TV
Broadcast Website: MGTV
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Family, Modern
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Zhang Kaizhou
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Da Mi

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in the late 1970s, it tells the story of three families, the Zhuang family, the Lin family, and the Wu family, who live in an alley for families of a cotton spinning factory in Suzhou. The changing times bring about earth-shaking changes in the lives of the parents and their children.

Fun Facts

  • The english translation for the title is, "Small Alley People." It is another family themed drama produced by Daylight Entertainment with Zhang Kaizhou as director.
  • The ensemble cast features a slew of young stars like Fan Chengcheng, Guan Xiaotong, Wang Anyu, Lu Yuxiao, Shi Yunpeng, Zhou Jieqiong and more.
  • It is Lu Yuxiao's next drama after she drew attention in a supporting role in My Journey to You. Some pointed out the billing order among the young cast.
  • The booting ceremony was held on October 11, 2023 in Ningbo.
  • Author Da Mi who wrote the source novel is also the screenwriter for the drama.

Romance in the Alley Yan Ni Yan Ni as Huang Ling
Romance in the Alley Li Guangjie Li Guangjie as Zhuang Chaoying
Romance in the Alley Adam Fan Chengcheng Adam Fan Chengcheng as Zhuang Tunan
Romance in the Alley Gabrielle Guan Xiaotong Gabrielle Guan Xiaotong as Zhuang Xiaoting

Romance in the Alley China Drama
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