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Saturday 25 March 2023

What If

What If / Another Me China Drama
Drama: What If / Another Me
Chinese Title: 生活在别处的我 / Sheng Huo Zai Bie Chu De Wo
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Broadcast Date: May 6, 2024
Genre: Life, Modern
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Han Qing
Screenwriter: Zou Jiani
Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, XSY New Horizons
Executive Producer: Sun Zhonghuai
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the story of an ordinary girl Xia Guo facing different choices and begins the prelude to two kinds of lives.

Fun Facts

  • Filming lasted three months from December 15, 2022 to March 13, 2023.
  • It was shot in Shanghai and Leshan.
  • The title translates to, "I Live Elsewhere."

What If Elaine Zhong Chuxi Elaine Zhong Chuxi as Xia Guo
What If Liu Xueyi Liu Xueyi as Yu Jian
What If Lin Yushen Lin Yushen

What If / Another Me China Drama
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What If / Another Me China Drama
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What If / Another Me China Drama

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