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Saturday, 24 June 2023

Wan Wan Lei Qing

Wan Wan Lei Qing China Web Drama
Web Drama: Wan Wan Lei Qing
Chinese Title: 晚晚类卿 / Wan Wan Lei Qing
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Broadcast Date: June 22, 2023
Air Time: Thu-Sat 12:00 (2 eps) with 6 eps on premiere for VIP, next Thursday onwards Daily 12:00 (2 eps) (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Comedy, Historical, Romance, Short Drama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Screenwriter: Ye Ziyu
Production Company: Guo Pai
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A female executive who is completely devoted to her career is suddenly facing a crisis. In order to save herself, she strikes a deal with the city lord of Xiliang— to crossover to Xiliang and become the female ruler who has three thousand male harems.

With a mission to help the city lord survive a catastrophe of life and death, Liu Qingying (Peng Biyao), in her new role, never expected that the city lord would have so many male harems, and all of them want to sleep with her! In order to dissuade the male concubines, Liu Qingying decides to favor just one man. He is Zhen Wan (Li Daikun), a civilian who was forcibly taken by the city lord. Little does she know, Zhen Wan is carrying a mission to assassinate the city lord.

Wan Wan Lei Qing Li Daikun Li Daikun as Zhen Wan
Wan Wan Lei Qing Peng Biyao Peng Biyao as Liu Qingying

Wan Wan Lei Qing China Web Drama
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Wan Wan Lei Qing China Web Drama
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Jul 5 finale

Wan Wan Lei Qing China Web Drama

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