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Monday 1 May 2023

A Taste of First Love

A Taste of First Love China Web Drama
Web Drama: A Taste of First Love
Chinese Title: 拜托了姐姐 / Bai Tuo Le Jie Jie
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Broadcast Date: June 29, 2022
Air Time: Wed-Fri 12:00
Genre: Modern, Romance, Short Drama
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Liu Qijia
Screenwriter: Mo Yaqun
Production Company: Tencent Pictures, Shanghai Siba Visual Entertainment Co. Ltd.
Chief Producer: Li Yaobo
Origin: China
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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Sun Weiyi who was once a wealthy girl starts on the road to becoming self-sufficient after her family goes bankrupt. At this time, Bai Zeliu who has now become the president of an e-commerce company pursues her once more.

When she was younger, Sun Weiyi (Wu Zhehan) who came from a wealthy family was rash and stubborn in treating her relationship with Bai Zeliu (Zhou Zhaoyuan), a car repairman seven years her junior. Five years later, Sun Weiyi has overcome the hardships brought by her family's financial downfall to become an ace in marketing beauty products. Bai Zeliu also rises above the current to become the president of an e-commerce company. The two meet again due to a commercial tie-up.

Fun Facts

  • The title translates to, "Please! Older Sister."

A Taste of First Love Wu Zhehan Wu Zhehan as Sun Weiyi
A Taste of First Love Jimmy Zhou Zhaoyuan Jimmy Zhou Zhaoyuan as Bai Zeliu

Supporting Cast
  • Xiong Yiwen as Ren Mingyuan
  • Jiang Yun as Bai Lingfei
  • Lu Tianhui as Xiao Q
  • Zhao Jiarui as Liang Wanqing
  • Zhou Cheng as Xiao Dai
  • Li Yu as Liu Yinshu
  • Xiao Shiping as Qian Kun
  • Tian Hongzhuan as Sun Demin
  • Lin Lianfeng as Shuai Ge Nan You
  • Guo Xuancheng as Ben Buchang

A Taste of First Love China Web Drama

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