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Wednesday 19 April 2023

Love of Replica

Love of Replica China Web Drama
Web Drama: Love of Replica
Chinese Title: 为你逆光而来 / Wei Ni Ni Guang Er Lai
Broadcast Website: Sohu
Broadcast Date: April 20, 2023
Air Time: Tue, Thu 20:00 (2 eps) with 6 eps on premiere for VIP, Tue 20:00 (2 eps) for non-VIP with 2 eps on premiere (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Modern, Mystery, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 16
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Viki (eng subs), Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story sets the stage for a romance between a personal bodyguard and a wealthy daughter who's actually a "double." From being on guard to revealing their true feelings, the two are constantly in a "tug-of-war." What will happen when the real daughter reappears?

The eldest young miss "Xu Xixi" (Yilia Yu) wakes up from a coma without her memories and falls in love with bodyguard Lu Jinyan (Tsao Yu-ning). However, her childhood friend Ding Beifan (Wu Haoze) tells her that she is not the real "Xu Xixi." Instead, she's An Yue who looks just like Xixi. An Yue discovers more shocking secrets in her investigation. Meanwhile, Lu Jinyan is also shrouded in mystery. The two struggle between suspicion and ambiguous affection.

Fun Facts

  • It reunites Tsao Yu-ning and Yilia Yu after 2021's Mysterious Love.
  • The booting ceremony was announced on April 8, 2022.
  • Filming wrapped after two months on June 9, 2022.
  • The title translates to, "Go Against the Light to Come for You."
  • It was shot in Haikou.

Love of Replica Tsao Yu-ning Tsao Yu-ning as Lu Jinyan
Love of Replica Yilia Yu Yue Yilia Yu Yue as Xu Xixi / An Yue
Love of Replica Wu Haoze Wu Haoze as Ding Beifan
Love of Replica Tu Bing Tu Bing as Tian Sui
Love of Replica Zhang Guansen Zhang Guansen as Jiang Tiancheng

Supporting Cast
  • Wang Shuyun as Xu Mengyun
  • Li Yatian as Xu Yongyu
  • Yang Qianhui as An Yemi
  • Zheng Yiming as Zhang Jingchuan
  • Liu Shuai as Xiao Yan
  • Li Yanfeng as He Dayu
  • Chang Lufeng as Gu Donglei
  • Qin Hai as Zheng Boshi
  • Xu Duoduo as Xiao Anyue
  • Yao Chenxiao as Xiao Lu Jin Yan
  • Sun Dawei as Xu Yong Yu Zhu Li
  • Jiang Chengpeng as Li Feizhang
  • Ning Yan as Ti Shen
  • Li Xiangxuan as Si Ji Xiao He
  • Wang Bin as Doctor Xu Jia

Love of Replica China Web Drama
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Love of Replica China Web Drama
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Behind The Scenes
Love of Replica China Web Drama
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Character Map
Love of Replica China Web Drama
Viewing Calendar
May 9 VIP finale, May 25 non-VIP finale

Love of Replica China Web Drama

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