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Saturday 25 February 2023

Mommy's Counterattack

Mommy's Counterattack China Web Drama
Web Drama: Mommy's Counterattack
Chinese Title: 妈咪的反攻 / Ma Mi De Fan Gong / 前夫请自重 / Qian Fu Qing Zi Zhong
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: February 24, 2023
Genre: Modern, Revenge, Romance, Short Drama, Tianchong
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Chen Yuejin
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Five years ago, a wife ran in despair after her husband's betrayal and her child's death. Five years later, she returns as a top model and a well-known fashion designer. With vengeance in her heart, she sneaks into the Jiang household as a nanny.

Coming back as a model, scorned wife Yun Qingqing (Li Boyang) takes revenge on her step-sister Yun Miaomiao (Zhang Zilin) with repeated "slaps" in the face. As a nanny for the Jiang family, she can still make her ex Jiang Ling (Zhao Yibo) blush and easily brushes off his deliberate attempts to make things difficult for her. Furthermore, the adorable An'an (Zhong Zhaoxi) becomes a little cupid in creating opportunities for the former husband and wife to interact again. In the end, they come to learn the truth behind what happened five years ago...

Fun Facts

  • The filming ceremony was held on July 10, 2022.
  • It was announced on July 24, 2022 that filming has wrapped.

Mommy's Counterattack Li Boyang Li Boyang as Yun Qingqing
Mommy's Counterattack Zhao Yibo Zhao Yibo as Jiang Ling
Mommy's Counterattack Zhang Zilin Zhang Zilin as Yun Miaomiao

Supporting Cast
  • Li Zonglin as Cheng Weiqing
  • Cui Lige as Zhou Ziheng
  • Zhong Zhaoxi as An'an
  • Xu Jinyang as Ji Lin
  • Chen Yupeng as Jie Rui
  • Zhang He as Yun Hongchuan
  • Xuan as Xiao Yu
  • Si Yansong as She Yingshi
  • Yuan Ning as Ji Zhe
  • Xiao Xiao as Hua Jie
  • Liu Jieying as Zhu Chiren
  • Bi Zhigang as Doctor Chan Ke
  • Wu Jian as Doctor Wai Ke

Mommy's Counterattack China Web Drama

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