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Monday 23 January 2023

Why Try to Change Me Now

Why Try to Change Me Now China Web Drama
Web Drama: Why Try to Change Me Now
Chinese Title: 平原上的摩西 / Ping Yuan Shang De Mo Xi
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: January 16, 2023
Genre: Suspense
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 6
Director: Zhang Dalei
Screenwriter: Shuang Xuetao
Executive Producer: Gong Yu
Chief Producer: Wang Xiaohui
Producer: Qi Kang
Origin: China
Related: Fire on the Plain
Source: Adapted from the novel Moses on the Plain (平原上的摩西) by Shuang Xuetao
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the torrent that spanned two eras, an unsolved crime emerges due to an old incident caused by the murder of a taxi driver, which disrupts the tranquility of the town.

Fun Facts

  • It is part of iQIYI's Light on Theater after Homesick.
  • It is the drama version of the film Fire on the Plain starring Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haoran.
  • Although there are only 6 episodes, the episodes are 70 minutes long.

Why Try to Change Me Now Dong Zijian Dong Zijian as Zhuang Shu
Why Try to Change Me Now Hai Qing Hai Qing as Fu Dongxin

Supporting Cast
  • Qiu Tian as Li Fei
  • Dong Baoshi as Zhuang Dezeng
  • Zhang Chen as Zhao Xiaodong
  • Liang Jingdong as Li Shoulian
  • Wang Zheng as Jiang Bufan
  • Zhang Ninghao as Sun Tianbo
  • Zheng Haosen as Zhuang Shu (Young)
  • Zhang Xiameng as Li Fei (Young)
  • Bao Yin Ba Ya Er as Fu Dongxin's Husband
  • Ai Jing as Fu Donghua
  • Guo Yubing as Fu Donghua's Husband
  • Huang Shijin as Fu Donghua's Daughter
  • Zhang Yong as Sun Yuxin
  • Fan Yuze as Sun Tianbo
  • Yang Genhe as Yang Wula
  • Wang Huilin as Yang Wula's Wife
  • Bao Yu as Yang Wula's Son
  • Fu Gang as Zhao Qingge

Why Try to Change Me Now China Web Drama
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