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Thursday 8 December 2022

Marry My Dead Body

Marry My Dead Body China / Taiwan Movie
Movie: Marry My Dead Body
Chinese Title: 关于我和鬼变成家人的那件事 / Guan Yu Wo He Gui Bian Cheng Jia Ren De Na Jian Shi
Release Date: February 10, 2023
Genre: Comedy, Detective, Supernatural
Language: Mandarin
Length: 130 minutes
Director: Cheng Wei-hao
Production Company: Vie Vision Pictures, Bole Film, Calendar Studios 
Origin: China / Taiwan

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A male cleaner who's completely straight has picked up a red envelope from a ghost marriage. As it turns out, the ghost is a gay man who's request is for the cleaner to fulfil his wish before his first seven days are up. Only then will he be willing to peacefully depart to the afterlife. 

Fun Facts

  • Filming was completed in January 2022.
  • It comes from the creative team behind 2021's Man in Love as it is again helmed by director Cheng Wei-hao.
  • The title translates to, "About That Story when I Became Family with a Ghost."

Marry My Dead Body Greg Hsu Greg Hsu as Wu Minghan
Marry My Dead Body Austin Lin Bo-Hong Austin Lin Bo-Hong as Mao Bangyu / Mao Mao

Supporting Cast
Marry My Dead Body China / Taiwan Movie
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Marry My Dead Body China / Taiwan Movie
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Behind The Scenes
Marry My Dead Body China / Taiwan Movie
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